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Technological challenges of participatory Smart Cities

Technological challenges of participatory Smart Cities

On 13 November the EIT Digital Professional School launches a course on how to design the appropriate technological infrastructure for an inclusive smart city. In this course project leaders and engineers learn how to build thorough urban systems meant to include citizen participation. In this blended course, the content is offered online and in a two-day face-to-face workshop.

The continuous urban population growth requires that cities enhance their services to ensure the highest quality of life possible for their citizens. To achieve this goal and become "smart", cities need to engage with citizens to make sure they align the urban planning with the inhabitants' expectations. This engagement requires a technological architecture able to collect, store and process users input - including through their own data - in an exhaustive way, while guaranteeing privacy.

The EIT Digital Professional School course "Technological challenges of participatory Smart Cities" address companies, as well as city governments and public institutions. Project leaders or engineers of the former will learn to have their solution fitting into the smart city's technological structure. In the same way, professionals of the latter willing to involve citizen participation acquire the knowledge to decide upon the appropriate architecture.

Starting on 13 November

The course, developed in cooperation with EIT Digital's partner Inria, the French National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, comes in a blended format. The learners learn the theory through a set of self-paced online modules starting on 13 November. On 12 and 13 December 2017 the learners gather in Paris for a two-day face-to-face workshop where they will collectively brainstorm to define and design a digital service targeted at an inclusive smart city.

About EIT Professional School

Investing in digital transformation skills is a top priority for society, companies and organisations today. The EIT Digital Professional School supports this with Action-Based Learning in cooperation with international partners: learning that integrates theory and practice in the actual business context. In so doing, we educate companies to develop the right leadership capacity, workforce skills and corporate cultures needed in the digital transformation; we educate individuals to up- and cross-skill their talents and to stay attractive in the labour market. We contribute to an inclusive digital society.

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