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Giulia Baccarin, CEO and Founder of MIPU

Giulia Baccarin, CEO and Founder of MIPU

Italian predictive hub, MIPU, joins EIT Digital as they move to expand their international foothold and reach new customer bases. MIPU brings the power of AI into factories and cities across a wide range of industries, to transform collected data into valuable information and boost manufacturing performance.

In the era of Big Data and Industry 4.0, companies and cities collect large amounts of data as part of their operations. Yet, many are struggling to use the data effectively and immediately spot the key indicators that are relevant to their business.

Using Artificial Intelligence To Cut Operational Costs and Improve Uptime

Founded in 2012 on Garda Lake, Italy, MIPU provides the right instruments to turn data into valuable information. By offering accurate predictive models specifically tailored for industrial operations, their technology transforms the collected data into information and highlights inefficiencies and human errors.

Through these methods, MIPU can detect anomalies in assets up to six months before a failure occurs, which means  that operational costs can be cut by 20-30% on average. MIPU’s technology and related services allow companies to see a return on investment within 6-9 months by lowering their maintenance costs and energy waste, helping them avoid breakdowns.

MIPU has a diverse team of engineers with the goal to help factories and cities become more efficient and inclusive, while educating their people on the latest predictive techniques. Their modular software platforms are dedicated to four value propositions: Industrial IoT, Energy Management, Asset Management and Artificial Intelligence.

Expanding MIPU’s International Foothold

Currently, MIPU operates across eight industries including: utilities, energy producers, retail, railways and consulting with operations in Spain, Portugal, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Benelux, France and Germany.  They currently have over 260 paying customers, including brands like Alstom, ABB, Coca Cola, Pfizer, Schindler and Benetton.

By providing international growth support, EIT Digital will help MIPU move to the frontier of their field and expand their international foothold.

The CEO/Founder of MIPU, Giulia Baccarin, explains how “EIT Digital can be relevant for MIPU as strong support for the commercial activities. Since the generation of qualified leads is one of the biggest barriers to access foreign markets and prospects in general, EIT Digital can be a valuable partner in accelerating the process. Unlike other business developers, EIT Digital has important expertise in the field of digital innovation and transformation. Therefore, it can help us both in accessing the right customers and in shaping our international strategy properly.”

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