Innovating early cancer detection: the Analogies story

In the fight against cancer, early detection is critical for effective treatment and improved patient outcomes. However, current screening methods often miss cases in their earliest stages when they are most treatable. This harsh reality sparked a powerful entrepreneurial vision for Jérôme de Chauveron shortly after graduating from EIT Digital Master School.

Combining his technical expertise in computer vision with a drive to leverage AI for social impact, Jérôme founded the startup Analogies in 2022. Analogies is pioneering the use of computer vision to revolutionize cancer diagnostics, starting in France with ambitions to expand across Europe.

The idea for Analogies was born from Jerome’s dual passion for leveraging the latest AI breakthroughs and making a positive societal impact in the medical field. The fast pace and dynamic environment of a startup appealed to him as the ideal setting to pursue such an ambitious vision.

The roots of the entrepreneurial vision

Jérôme de Chauveron Jérôme de Chauveron

Jérôme's entrepreneurial mindset began taking shape during his time at EIT Digital Master School.

"The EIT Digital Master School played a pivotal role in my entrepreneurial journey. The classes on entrepreneurship provided invaluable insights, equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the startup ecosystem."

Navigating the startup waters

However, Jérôme and the team aren't naively underestimating the challenges that lie ahead.

"The medical diagnosis domain necessitates rigorous certification processes, adding complexity and time to the integration of our technology into mainstream healthcare practices. Furthermore, we need to 'educate' our customers to the danger of oral cancer and the importance of an early diagnosis."

Overcoming these challenges requires strategic collaborations, regulatory navigation, and a commitment to advancing both technology and healthcare protocols.

For current students who aspire to become entrepreneurs, Jérôme emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience:

"Try to get a job in a startup before starting your own is an extremely valuable experience as you’ll learn a lot on the functioning of a startup from the inside. Embrace the learning process, be open to challenges, and surround yourself with a supportive network. Continuously seek knowledge, stay adaptable, and believe in the impact your startup can make."

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