JENTIS, the leading B2B SaaS scaleup in GDPR compliant marketing analytics, raises €11M Series A with support from EIT Digital

JENTIS, a scaleup developing the future of cookieless tracking, raised €11 million in Series A funding with support from EIT Digital’s Growth Services team.

JENTIS on November 22 announced its successful Series A funding round, led by Bright Pixel (formerly Sonae IM), co-investor 3TS Capital Partners and Pragmatech Ventures.

JENTIS’s solution allows for server-side web tracking that delivers more precise marketing and analytics data and full data control, while fully complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations. By allowing a shift from third-party tracking to first-party tracking, it gives web operators a clearer view of their customers and gives customers the assurance that their identities remain private no matter how the data is used. The shift to first party tracking is especially important as Google phases out third-party tracking.

"Congratulations!" says EIT Digital’s Chief Innovation Officer Diva Tommei. "Great news for JENTIS raising Series A funds and good news for Europe too. The EU has shown global leadership in crafting regulatory policy to protect data privacy. And now JENTIS brings to market an innovative analytics product that makes compliance easy and keeps users safe. Bravi!"

Founded in 2020 by a team of web tracking specialists led by CEO Thomas Tauchner, JENTIS was named Austrian Scaleup of the Year in the Digital Transformation Category by E&Y. JENTIS had raised around €3 million in a seed-funding round in 2022.

This latest round of €11 million in Series A funding will be used to help the company scale up further, fuelling growth into key European and U.S. markets. It will also support product developments that make it easier for businesses to switch to next-generation web data collection.

EIT Digital support in the Series A round

EIT Digital Growth Services helped guide JENTIS through the Series A funding round, providing support following the principles of "Prepare, Connect & Raise". During the preparation phase, this included expert assistance ranging from designing a winning pitch deck to understanding what to expect out of a deal. During the connect phase EIT Digital leveraged its unique advantage: a network of investors all over Europe. The Growth Services team knows these investors, knows what they’re looking for, and what they need to hear. The culmination of this effort was a Series A raise for an Austrian company that included new investors from both Portugal and Finland. This the epitome of international fundraising support.

Daniel Auriel The EIT Digital fundraising specialist who led the raise for JENTIS, Daniel Auriel, notes, "It has been the great pleasure of the EIT Digital Growth Services team to support JENTIS during their fundraising journey. We know it takes more than just a great product and a great team to raise a Series A. It takes hard work and a broad network. JENTIS put in hard work to fully take advantage of EIT Digital’s broad network, and the results speak for themselves."

Partners react to the news

JENTIS CEO Taucher noted the benefits for his business - and others.

"We see first-party data capture rapidly gaining traction, but marketers and advertisers are struggling to realise the full potential for their businesses. We developed our platform to make it easy for businesses to capture the highest web data quality while complying with data protection regulations," Taucher said. "With this funding round, we are ready to accelerate our growth and bring our technology to new markets across the globe."

The investors also expressed excitement about the possibilities.

"We are impressed by JENTIS’ breakthrough Data Capture Platform, which is defining a new, rapidly growing segment in the web infrastructure market. Clients from multiple verticals have realised significant increases in marketing and revenue results leveraging higher data quality, while taking back control over their customer data and ensuring compliance," said Sever Totia, 3TS Partner, who is also joining JENTIS’ board of directors. "We are excited to join forces and work alongside the JENTIS team as the company scales."

Evgeny Sergeev, Founder and General Partner at Pragmatech, added: "We are excited to continue supporting JENTIS as they grow into a leading vendor in the first-party data capture and privacy compliance space. From their early days, when we first met, the company has grown exponentially, which clearly demonstrates a strong market demand and relevance of innovation made by JENTIS. With this new backing, the team under Thomas's leadership is well-equipped to continue its global reach in key markets."

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