EIT Digital wins EU project to foster symbiotic human-machine decision making

EIT Digital and 20 other partner organisations from 9 countries across Europe are set to develop a new generation of human-centric AI systems. The EU-funded project, codenamed TANGO, will kick off in autumn 2023 with a €8M budget.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds tremendous potential to enhance human decisions and to avoid cognitive overload and bias in high-stakes scenarios. To date, however, adoption of AI-based support systems has been minimal in settings such as hospitals, tribunals and public administrations.

The EU recognises the need to foster research and innovation in this field, and on 13 March, TANGO secured €8M to develop the theoretical foundations and the computational framework for synergistic human-machine decision making, paving the way for the next generation of human-centric AI systems.

The new EU-funded project that will kick off in autumn 2023, with 21 partner organisations from 9 countries across Europe, is set to strengthen the leadership of Europe in this area.

TANGO argues that in order for AI to fully develop its enormous potential in terms of positive impact on individuals, society and economy, we need to completely rethink the way in which AI systems are conceived.

People should feel they can trust the systems they interact with, in terms of reliability of their predictions and decisions, capacity of the systems to understand their needs, and guarantees that they are genuinely aiming at supporting them rather than some undisclosed third party.

In other words, a symbiosis should be established between humans and machines, in which all parties are aligned in terms of values, goals and beliefs, and support and complement each other so as to reach objectives beyond what each would be able to do by itself.

“It takes two to TANGO! Our perspective is that a deep mutual understanding between humans and machines is essential for the development of truly effective and innovative AI systems that can expand human reasoning and decision-making capabilities“ says the project coordinator Andrea Passerini.

The potential impact on individuals and society of the TANGO framework will be evaluated on a pool of real-world use cases of extremely high social impact, namely supporting women during pregnancy and postpartum, supporting surgical teams in intraoperative decision making, supporting loan officers and applicants in credit lending decision processes, and helping public policy makers in designing incentives and allocating funds.

EIT Digital will coordinate and orchestrate these applications and develop the result exploitation plan for both consortium and individual pilots. 

"We are excited to be part of the TANGO project, as we believe that it has the potential to create truly innovative solutions with a positive impact on society. We look forward to collaborating with our partners and strengthen our role as Europe’s gateway to digital innovation,” says EIT Digital’s CEO, Federico Menna.

The success of these case studies will foster the adoption of TANGO as the framework of reference for developing a new generation of synergistic AI systems and will reinforce the leadership of Europe in human-centric AI.

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