Digitalising Altruism: North Macedonian startup Do More and the role of EIT Digital

In a technological feat that marries altruism with digital innovation, North Macedonian startup Do More has pioneered an online platform for charitable donations. Launched in 2022 by Aleksandra Manolcheva and co-founders Marko Andonov-Acev and Andriana Ilievska, this non-profit is revolutionising the way society contributes to those in need.

"We aimed to digitalise the donation process," Manolcheva explained. The startup did precisely that with Box2Help, North Macedonia's first-ever e-platform for online donations. Manolcheva's team, in collaboration with a humanitarian organisation and an online retailer, established a transparent system to provide socially endangered families with door-to-door deliveries.

"One can simply choose a family, pick a food package, and make a transaction through the retailer's website. Once the donation is made, the food box is delivered to the selected family's home," Manolcheva elaborated.

Encouraging Altruism through Rewards

Box2Help has already achieved remarkable success, gathering 406 food packages worth 5,545 EUR since its launch in December 2022. To further incentivise the act of giving, a ranking system has been implemented, rewarding top corporate and individual donors. "We provide benefits like PR, advertisements, and ambassador recognition," Manolcheva shared.

A percentage from the online retail store, generated as a referral fee, serves as the primary source of funding. This clever utilisation of affiliate marketing is instrumental in keeping the platform self-sustaining.

The startup has ambitious plans for the future. They are registered on a crowdfunding platform, appealing for additional support to further expand their altruistic mission.

"Our next big steps are implementing online donations for medicines and other necessities, and exploring the possibility of crypto donations," said Manolcheva. The vision is not just to facilitate donations, but to instil an inherent sense of altruism in society. As the team continues to expand the platform's reach, they invite international donors to contribute to the Box2Help programme. Despite the success, the path is not without obstacles. Building brand integrity, establishing strong partnerships, and gaining public trust are challenges they are learning to overcome. They also focus on ensuring financial sustainability, which is crucial for a non-profit organisation.

The founders advise aspiring entrepreneurs to value networking and interpersonal relationships. They emphasise starting with a focused customer segmentation, promoting the final vision, and ensuring that the idea is viable, feasible, and necessary.

EIT Digital: Fuelling the Entrepreneurial Journey

The EIT Digital Master School has played an instrumental role in the platform's development. Manolcheva, currently pursuing the Fintech master's programme at UPM, Madrid, leverages the entrepreneurial skills and fintech knowledge she has gained to enrich the platform. EIT Digital's supportive, innovative ecosystem has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

As Do More continues to expand its outreach, the startup is inviting international donors to contribute. Manolcheva concludes with a call to action: "The donation process of food and sanitary products is available for international donors. We are a non-profit organisation striving for the greater good, and we look forward to support from altruistic individuals and corporations worldwide."

Visit the Master School page to learn more about our entrepreneurial master’s degrees.

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