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EIT Digital Professional School

Employees of SMEs can enrol now in a new EIT Digital programme designed to improve computer skills available to the European workforce, with local language training in French, Italian, and Hungarian.

SME4DD (SMEs for the Digital Decade) is ready to build the capacity of SMEs with courses now available in blockchain, machine learning and cyber security. This is your opportunity to enhance your skill set, increasing your value to your company and your employability.

Registration is currently open for three courses:

  • Blockchain for Small Businesses – online or in Budapest, in Hungarian: The hands-on course will give you a practical, understandable introduction to ways in which small businesses can take advantage of the possibilities offered by blockchain. This will include a review of services that are best suited to blockchain and an explanation of how to implement your blockchain or integrate it into a larger system. You will have the opportunity to formulate your own project ideas for using blockchain. The course can be particularly useful for product and service managers; project managers; business analysts; and professionals interested in digitisation and innovative IT solutions.
  • Scikit-Learn: A Machine Learning Tool Box for SMEs online, in French: A basic course introduces you to statistical learning (machine learning) and its implementation using the Scikit-Learn toolbox. You’ll learn how to load a dataset for use with the Scikit-learn toolbox. You’ll also learn what kinds of questions statistical learning can answer, and how to use the toolkit to answer them. The module covers details of supervised learning, with model selection and validation. This is a hands-on course, and you will be executing coding. The course targets development engineers, R&D engineers, data scientists and data analysts.
  • Cybersecurity & Data Protection – 20% in-person in Naples and 80% online, in Italian: The course is designed to make you fluent in this vital subject and make you your company’s point of reference for cyber security in six weeks. Cybersecurity is a topic that cuts across all sectors and is important for various types of professionals. This course is designed to provide: entrepreneurs with new skills to manage IT risks; IT specialists a chance to improve their career prospects and the knowledge to choose the right tools for cyber defence; and workers addressing legal issues an understanding of compliance with regulations, including GDPR and ISO 27001.

A new resource for SMEs

In the future, the SME4DD project will include more courses on these and other topics. The education provided will build the capacity of individuals to design and deploy digital solutions while strengthening SMEs. In addition to training in France, Hungary and Italy, there will also be courses targeting SMEs in Sweden.

The current and future courses to be given during the three-year project will include courses for business leaders and managers seeking to expand their business; courses for working professionals who need advanced digital skills; and intensive seminars and workshops on specific business cases for high-skilled workers.

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