5 reasons to study at EIT Digital Master School

One-of-a-kind learning and networking experience -technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship! Here are 5 compelling reasons to consider the unique European graduate programme, the EIT Digital Master School.

1. Cutting-Edge programmes in Technology and Entrepreneurship

The Master School provides two-year master's degrees that deliver the perfect blend of advanced technical skills and training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students have the flexibility to build their own customised curriculum, choosing two leading universities across Europe and tailoring their studies based on their unique interests and goals. All programmes include a robust technical component where students gain deep expertise in their chosen field, along with a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. This empowering combination allows students to master the latest technologies while also learning how to transform ideas into viable business plans and successful companies.

2. Support for launching a career in Europe

The Master School is part of EIT Digital’s ecosystem, the largest open innovation ecosystem in Europe, with a network of over 250 major companies, SMEs, and high-growth startups across Europe. As a student and graduate, you will have access to internships, mentors, job fairs, and other resources to kickstart your career. You can connect with employers and apply for jobs through the exclusive EIT Alumni portal. With in-demand digital skills and hands-on innovation experience, you will have an advantage in competing for top positions at leading tech firms across Europe.

In today's digital economy, professionals need a potent mix of technological expertise and business savvy. With its innovative programmes, global outlook, and career-accelerating network, the EIT Digital Master School represents the future of tech education. For ambitious international students aspiring to become technology leaders and entrepreneurs, it is an ideal launchpad for global impact and success.

3. Immersive international environment

As an international student at the Master School, you will collaborate with peers, academics, and professionals from across Europe and around the globe. The immersive environment facilitates cultural exchange and networking with leading entrepreneurs and technology experts. You will build work-ready competencies like cross-cultural communication, virtual collaboration, and team leadership. Unique opportunities like summer schools and colocation centres allow you to widen your perspectives and expand your professional network.

4. Travel and study abroad opportunities

By studying at two leading European universities in different countries, you will earn two degrees while enjoying life-enriching cultural experiences. You will gain exposure to different languages, societies, and business landscapes. The EIT Digital Summer Schools also provide exciting chances to travel and collaborate internationally. You will return home with a global mindset, ready to pursue career opportunities anywhere in the world.

5. Possibility to pursue a PhD

Through its extensive networks across European academia and research, EIT Digital Master School opens exciting possibilities for students to pursue a PhD after graduating. The business and innovation aspects of the programmes help equip students with the skills to commercialize their future research and develop technologies for real-world impact. Alumni can tap into the school's resources and connections to identify Ph.D. opportunities at top universities aligned with their goals.

Visit the Master School to learn more: https://masterschool.eitdigital.eu

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