Student Ambassadors make the fun last by helping others

When you’re on to something good, you want to tell others about it.

After finding common interests, working together and socialising with exciting young people from around the world, some students in the EIT Digital Master School chose to spread the spirit by becoming Student Ambassadors.

“Being part of EIT Digital was one of the best life-choices I made, and I really wanted to share this experience with others,” said ambassador Victor Schmit.

EIT Digital Masters Student Ambassadors are current students and alumni who help others understand the benefits of the Master School. They talk to prospective students, answer individual questions, organise events and encourage online discussion. They benefit from the camaraderie and networking opportunities of the lively community, which is diverse but also has a common interest in digital learning. And now, if you’re a student or alumnus, you can join them!

EIT Digital has opened its call for Student Ambassadors. Please click here to find out more.

Building the community

Current Student Ambassadors said several factors motivated their decision to get involved, including the opportunity to help build a community that has been good for them.

“I always find it extremely satisfying helping others,“ explained Gaia Businaro. “I decided to apply to be a Student Ambassador because I wanted to give back to EIT Digital, a programme I really believe in, and because I wanted to set people up to succeed.”

Huahua Tian, another ambassador, said she relied on Student Ambassadors when she was first becoming acquainted with EIT Digital. “I still remember when I was an applicant, how much I was looking forward to hearing other students’ ideas and experiences from EIT Digital,” she said. “And I did receive lots of helpful insights from them, which has greatly helped my decision-making. So when I became a Student Ambassador, it was my turn to give back to the community.”

For Dominick Koehler, part of the payback was making his community bigger by meeting other Student Ambassadors. “It was really fun and rewarding to work with such a diverse and motivated team of fellow Student Ambassadors. We supported each other,” he said.

Building skills

But they didn’t just give, they also received. Along with the chance to help others, Student Ambassadors used their time in the programme to build skills that they can employ in their career.

“This role helped me enhance my soft skills in leadership, communication, and networking. Also, I learned a lot from many practical perspectives, like how to organize virtual webinars and how to use management tools,” said Tian

“I was able to increase my communication skills and talk with students from all around the world. I was also able to create and moderate a huge platform with nearly 200 students. I am still moderating this platform and it is a great pleasure to see all the admitted students so excited about this year,” said Schmit.

“During these months I was given many chances to practice my communication and organization skills,“ said Businaro. “I could speak in public and advocate for EIT Digital, being able to share my experience with a wide audience.“

Become a builder!

The Student Ambassadors said they see plenty of reasons for students or alumni of the EIT Digital Master School to want to join them.

“First of all, one can contribute to help EIT Digital growing, as it is a great community and study experience. This is also true for the Student Ambassadors as in the group there will be a lot of motivated and encouraging people,” according to Koehler.

“It is more interesting to join than just stand by. By becoming a student ambassador, you will get involved in a warm community and meet great people from other EIT Digital partner universities. You can be more than just an observer of the community, you can also be a builder of it,” said Tian.

“If you have good communication skills, you are enjoying EIT Digital and you want to inspire people, you should join the Student Ambassador programme! I personally was able to learn a lot while thriving in the organised events,” said Schmit. “Being a student ambassador was one of the richest experiences I’ve had.”

If you’re a student or alumnus of the Master School, and ready for a rich experience, click here to find out more.

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