EIT Community Booster: EIT Digital announces the four winners that will receive €50,000 of growth support

EIT Digital has announced the four deep tech companies selected as part of the EIT Community Booster, an initiative launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and five of its Knowledge & Innovation Communities to support innovative ventures enabling the New European Bauhaus transformation through solutions that make Europe more sustainable, inclusive and improve citizens’ quality of life.

These companies were chosen from a large pool of 1029 applications from 37 countries and will receive business growth and support services worth €50,000 each.

They winners are: Avicenna AI (France), Decision Brain (France), Oxford Immune Algorithmics (United Kingdom) and Workwize (Netherlands).

The awarded companies leverage digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, remote onboarding and working station management to optimize the deployment of healthcare resources, improve the quality of life and productivity or workers, and increase energy efficiency, in line with the core values of the New European Bauhaus.

Avicenna AI improves detection accuracy at the entry point of the healthcare system, which in turn helps reduce CO2 emissions, ensure the quality of life of the citizens, and optimize resource allocation. Through an innovative design of AI algorithms, the Avicenna solution allows optimal healthcare entry point accessibility and optimization of workflow management, allowing the right deployment of healthcare resources and a drastic improvement of the patient’s quality of the experience in the healthcare system.

Decision Brain combines optimization, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to create innovative and customizable AI-based decision support solutions that drive operational efficiency. The company focuses on sizing, planning, scheduling, and dispatching across several industries, from pharma salesforce to automotive, transportation, and textile manufacturers. By focusing on optimizing resources to perform a given demand, Decision Brain’s solutions generate a significant positive environmental impact reducing the carbon footprint customers’ operations.

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA), has developed a remote patient monitoring AI-driven web-based platform that allows clinicians to monitor their patient's blood tests with advanced AI-driven tools for precision, predictive medicine, and a personalised experience. Cost-effective immune health monitoring is hugely important for improving public health and delivering on the promise of personalised and precision medicine that can enable early and accurate diagnosis. Algocyte allows better inclusion of patients with chronic diseases, ensuring better health outcomes and patient-doctor relationships.

The recent COVID-19 emergency accelerated the progressive shift to remote and hybrid working. Workwize aims to optimize the setting up of remote workspace environments in order to improve both affordability and the employee’s quality of experience, deploying high quality and affordable remote working “packages” (workstation, furniture, services etc.) that are also aesthetically valuable and appreciative. Furthermore, the service allows remote working station management, maintenance, and rotation for more sustainable resource allocation in the office.

EIT Digital congratulates the winners and looks forward to supporting them over the next months!


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