Tech talent, digitised: Polish scaleup Talent Alpha joins the EIT Digital Accelerator

Talent Alpha, a Kraków-based talent intelligence & marketplace platform provider, joins the EIT Digital Accelerator to expand its market reach. The scaleup uses transformative technologies to help companies ensure they always have the right digital talent exactly when they need it.

Digitalisation is the key to innovation, competitiveness, and growth. It also offers numerous opportunities for organisations to strengthen their market position. In fact, companies that embrace the digital transformation perform better and are more dynamic, have higher labour productivity, grow faster, have better management practices, and create higher-paying jobs.

“There is a huge skills shortage in digitalisation and new technologies, with up to 35% of the European workforce having little to no digital skills,” says Przemek Berendt, CEO of Talent Alpha. “In fact, it is estimated that one out of three businesses in Europe cannot find the talent they need to succeed.”

This is where Talent Alpha comes into play. The Kraków headquartered scaleup has developed an innovative HR platform to help companies identify and access the right talent at the right time for their projects. “Talent Alpha provides businesses with a suite of digital tools designed to transform the workforce through talent management, acquisition, and cost savings,” adds Berendt.

Having joined the EIT Digital Accelerator, the company is set to bring their talent platform to a wider audience of European companies.

Digital talent management made easy

The Talent Alpha platform leverages an array of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to perform a comprehensive analysis of more than 3,500 digital skills and competencies.

“The demand for digital skills is unprecedented, but accessing talent is harder than ever. Companies need to understand better resources they already have, as well as plan optimization, talent development and staffing in a new clever way,” says Berendt. “Talent Alpha’s technology helps enterprises actively manage their digital workforce by providing the necessary insights and tools to asses, assign, train, recruit, and procure the right people with the right skills.”

This data is then used to produce what Talent Alpha calls a ‘Talent Genome’, a complete digital profile of the company’s current workforce, candidates, and vendors, along with an overview of its technical and soft-skill capabilities and needs. Companies can use this detailed report to guide their HR, recruitment, internal mobility, and vendor management decisions.

“Our Talent Genome was designed to give users a molecular understanding of the technical competencies, social skills, cognitive abilities, and personality traits of the talent both inside and outside their organisation,” notes Berendt.

But the platform goes well beyond producing reports – it also helps companies find talent. “Whenever a skills gap is identified, our platform draws from our Talent Marketplace,” explains Berendt. According to Berendt, the Talent Marketplace gives users immediate access to an untapped pool of thousands of vetted tech specialists from IT service providers and the human cloud. “You can also use this marketplace to share resources and find new projects for the talent on your own internal bench,” he adds.   

Accelerating the digital transformation

Talent Alpha is already making waves across the HR and Tech sector. Not only has it taken home several major tech awards, their solutions are also being used by over 300 SMEs and by such multinationals as Novartis, ABB, Decathlon, GFT, Infosys, and Fujitsu.

Thanks to its cooperation with the EIT Digital Accelerator, the company is ready to expand: “Joining the EIT Digital Accelerator is an important step towards introducing our talent platform to a growing audience of European companies,” concludes Berendt. “By cooperating with EIT Digital, we will enhance our European footprint, support the growth of technology created within the EU, and accelerate digital innovation across the continent.”

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