Revolab gears up for US product launch

Amazing news for Revolab, a startup of EIT Digital portfolio and a winner of the 2020 EIT Digital Venture Program. 

The Lithuanian company will soon start selling its home blood test kits in the US, namely in the East Coast states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Revolab has signed a deal with Kilo Health, one of the leading digital health and wellness companies globally with millions of customers in the USA, that will sell Revolab’s kits as part of a cardiovascular condition management solution. 

“We are currently in the process of getting FDA clearance for our blood collection kits and setting up logistics and distribution in the East Coast. The official launch is planned for January 2022 and, if all goes well, we will expand to the West Coast in June,” Revolab’s CEO, Jekaterina Kaliniene says.  

Revolab has developed a platform to keep track of users’ overall physical wellbeing via a wide array of home blood test kits. Following simple step-by-step instructions, users collect a finger-prick blood sample and ship it back to Revolab without leaving their homes.

The results are available within 24 hours on the mobile app and web platform. More than 30 different blood tests are currently available such as complete blood count (CBC), glucose level, thyroid panels, STD tests or enzyme markers if you are at risk of cancer or other conditions. 

The company is growing incredibly fast. In a record time of one year, the company came from inception to closing a pre-seed round with Kilo Health, signing six-digit pre-order deals, getting CE clearance and now expanding to the US.  

At the same time, the startup keeps on enhancing its technology for reading blood tests results. The goal is to develop an automatic tool that translates test results into a language that people can easily understand.  

“We are refining machine learning process to analyse test results and provide users with personalized insights,” Kaliniene says. The technology is to be integrated into Revolab’s testing platform but can also be sold separately to any laboratory, to enhance its diagnostics.

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