Digitalising complex structures with graph technology: German Scaleup Structr joins EIT Digital Accelerator to boost market growth

German scaleup Structr joins the EIT Digital Accelerator to bring their low-code development, digital twin and graph technology platform to markets across Europe. It allows enterprises develop digital solutions in a fast a cost-effective way.  

The importance of digital transformation has been brought to the forefront during 2020, with Deloitte highlighting how it can provide organisations with the resilience to withstand the buffering markets have undergone during the Covid pandemic, and VMware underlining the agility digital transformation can provide in terms of helping organisations adapt to the rapidly changing times they find themselves in.

To achieve this transformation, it’s vital that as well as achieving change at speed, organisations are able to democratise access to digital technologies. In 2019 Gartner estimated that low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity within five years, and therefore play a crucial role in making technology accessible to all. 

With intense pressure to digitize at rapid speed and extreme breadth, the ability to simplify processes is key, and this is where German scaleup Structr comes in. Their application platform uses a mixture of low- and pro-code to enable applications to be developed extremely efficiently, while their graph technology allows each development step to be visualised to support stakeholder involvement at each stage. Structr’s solution is able to save up to 90% of development time depending on the complexity of the project.

Supporting Structr’s International Growth

The company, which was founded in 2011, already has customers across Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific, and is expanding, especially in the small and medium-sized company market.  A good example of the work Structr does is their recent project with compliance technology firm KERBEROS. Structr's technology helped provide the company with an agile development infrastructure to allow them to rapidly adapt to the €100 billion per year money laundering challenge in Germany.

In November 2020, the German scaleup has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to capitalize on the growing market for accessible digital transformation tools and to bring their low-code development, digital twin and graph technology platform to markets across Europe.

The EIT Digital Accelerator will support Structr in scaling their operations across Europe and target industries such as transport, construction, and telecoms. Structr is ready to expand over the EU enabling organisations to perform fast, agile, and above all affordable development.

“The EIT Digital Accelerator program is the ultimate opportunity to connect with people that want to drive innovation and digitalization in their organisations,” says Axel Morgner, CEO and co-founder, Structr GmbH.

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