Accelerating the future of deeptech starting from healthcare: introducing the EIT Digital - SPEX Capital partnership

At EIT Digital, we don't just envision the future - we create it. Our mission has always been to drive digital transformation across Europe, leveraging the power of innovation, education and ecosystem collaboration. And now, we're taking that mission to new heights with the launch of a collaboration with SPEX Capital: a ground-breaking initiative focused on invigorating early-stage ventures within the digital healthcare, med-tech, and wellbeing sectors.

Why focus on digital health, you ask?

Because we believe that the future of healthcare lies in the seamless integration of technology and medicine. From AI-driven diagnostics and remote patient monitoring, to VR/AR enhanced surgery and integrated systems for multiple organ support, digital solutions have the power to make quality care more accessible, affordable, and effective than ever before, as well as improve quality of life outside the hospitals for prevention and coping with health issues.

We won’t just invest in companies; we will invest in rebel teams with revolutionary ideas that have the potential to disrupt centuries-old medical paradigms and usher in a new era of tech-driven health solutions.

That's why we've joined forces with SPEX Capital, an authorised and regulated investment management firm that shares our bold vision for advancing global healthcare systems. Together, we're launching a dedicated venture capital fund that will raise up to €100 million to pour into the most promising digital health, med-tech, and wellbeing ventures across Europe - the ones that are poised to make a ground-breaking impact on people's lives.

What’s our secret sauce?

Being there for the companies we invest in. As any entrepreneur would tell you, not all money is equal, and we recognise and stand by that, having all been entrepreneurs ourselves. Together with SPEX Capital we are bringing to the table much more than funds for the companies we invest in.

The EIT Digital extensive European network spans 23 offices and a Silicon Valley Hub and through our ecosystem of over 1000 investors, 300 partners - including large corporates, startups and SMEs, universities and research centers, technology providers and institutional stakeholders - we provide the companies we invest in with unparalleled access to the brightest minds, expert guidance through coaching and mentoring, cutting-edge resources, and a broad network of digital wellbeing and healthcare professionals and innovators across Europe. Moreover, thanks to our strategic partnerships, we collaborate and engage on a regular basis with institutional stakeholders such as the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Innovation Council (EIC).

Our partners at SPEX Capital bring a wealth of expertise to the table, a flexible fund infrastructure and a track record of successful fundraising connections, including engagements with many other large institutional players. They've also developed cutting-edge investment portal technology that streamlines the entire process, ensuring we can quickly identify and capitalise on the most promising opportunities.

EIT Digital and SPEX Capital initially formalised their partnership in 2023 through a service agreement, reinforcing their shared objective to drive innovation across Europe. SPEX also played a pivotal role in the EIT Digital Champions 2024, contributing to the selection of promising scaleups.

Our joint focus on early-stage investments is particularly vital. These stages are often where funding can have the most substantial impact, yet they are typically underserved by conventional venture capital, which tends to favor later-stage developments. By stepping in at an early stage, we make our companies stronger and more resilient, we prepare them for the constantly changing world out there, and we ensure that their innovative healthcare solutions receive the support they need to develop and scale. In essence, we give our companies the capital and strategic guidance they need to scale their ground-breaking visions into reality.

A visionary future that merges technological advancement with sustainability is not just possible, it's underway. The key to realising this vision lies in strategic partnerships and investments that align with these goals. Together, we EIT Digital and SPEX Capital are paving the way for a healthier, digitally enhanced world.

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