In the second year of the EIT Digital Master School programme, students are required to carry out an internship with one EIT Digital industrial organisation (company, startup, scaleup, incubator, accelerator, research center). The work experience is on specific innovation activities related to the field of their study, the topic should be industrially as well as scientifically relevant. 

We offer our Partners access to an international pool of young tech savvy and business-oriented students ready to work within your organisation and to boost innovative products and services. You would be also able to scout new talents.

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The process

EIT Digital has a facilitator role. Our internship process is based on four simple steps:

  1. The company fills in the online form to describe the internship position;
  2. Requests from the company are collected, verified and distributed to EIT Digital Master School students;
  3. Interested students get in contact with the company by sending their CV and motivation letter;
  4. The company selects the most suitable students to fill the internship position.


The duration of the internship can vary from a minimum of 10 weeks up to 6 months. Depending on nationality, the student may have schedule restrictions related to residence permit. Please discuss with the student their individual situation and wishes related to the timeline (e.g. intended timing of graduation). Ideally, the work should start in January and finish in June. Some flexibility is allowed.

Contract / Agreement with student

Usually internship contracts/agreements are made between the student and the hiring company and they can vary from case to case. The university is not a signee but it could help the process by providing examples of contracts/agreements between the student and the company.

Master's Thesis and IPR's

Internships can lead to appropriate content for the Master Thesis. The thesis is always a public document. If necessary, the scope of the thesis should be limited so that it does not contain any confidential data. Student chooses if the thesis is published online.

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