EIT Digital DATA against COVID-19

Under the umbrella of "DATA against COVID-19", EIT Digital is supporting its community as well as the broader European innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to overcome the current crisis.

For example, the DeepHack that we organized in early May brought together students, entrepreneurs and innovators to develop digital solutions for data driven epidemic and pandemic lifecycle management. A team of EIT Digital Master School won the #EUvsVIRUS hackathon with a 3D printed remote monitoring device for coronavirus patients. Several EIT Digital Accelerator scaleups provide solutions to manage the pandemic. In addition, internally, EIT Digital is taking measures for our current activities to overcome the crisis.

As part of the EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative, EIT Digital launched two additional efforts, directly contributing to the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically:

  • Venture Support is about providing targeted support to high impact and growth startups, scaleups and SMEs which are impacted by COVID-19 crisis, with the goal to adapt and accelerate within the post crisis economic reality. 
  • Innovation Activities to support innovators developing solutions leveraging modern digital technology to model, communicate and influence behavior to manage pandemic lifecycles and make a significant impact, including contact tracing solutions using physical tokens.

The response to these efforts has been overwhelming. The two efforts received a total of 251 requests, asking for 86 m€ of support. More precisely:

  • Venture Support received a total of 164 requests for 59 m€ of support.
  • Innovation Activities received a total of 87 requests for 27 m€ of support. In addition, 61 organizations expressed their interest to join efforts to develop contact tracing solutions using physical tokens.

Given the projected available budget from EIT, EIT Digital will only able to satisfy a fraction of these requests. The final numbers will be known by the end of June, and EIT Digital will then be in touch with the applicants. 

EIT Digital is proud of the success of these efforts. They clearly fulfill a need, they show that the EIT Digital brand is now well recognized and they confirm the increasing interest and relevance of EIT Community’s activities across Europe.

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