Speed Master Executive Course


Our comprehensive curriculum spans four essential modules, each addressing a crucial aspect of business management for DeepTech startups.

Each module includes a C-Suite workshop, where executive guest speakers share their expertise and insights, providing you with invaluable knowledge and real-world perspectives.

Programme Lead Andrea Lorenzin highlights that, "Each course and module has been carefully curated to build a truly comprehensive programme. Additionally, our guest speakers add an element of depth to complement this breadth."


Module 1: Management

The Management course focuses on the day-to-day management of a company or organization. This course explores how managers manage company resources, organize work, make operational decisions, and solve daily problems.

Attendees of the management courses also learn how to navigate the complexities of management, negotiation, and conflict resolution with guidance from industry leaders.

Course Description
Leadership Storytelling All about storytelling to help leaders to inspire their teams, share business objective and vision, define company culture and values.
Organizational culture (HR) Create and sustain a strong organizational culture to ensure your employees and your organization thrive.
C-suite 1 Guest speaker: Negotiation and conflict resolution

Module 2: Strategy

The Strategy course focuses on the formulation and implementation of long-term business strategies. The global world of is becoming more dynamic and complex, requiring managers to act and implement strategies based on long-term views.

Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned executives and elevate your strategic thinking.

Course Description
Lifecycle of a Startup What's the typical path for a startup? What are the typical issues that come with each stage? How to be prepared to what is coming next.
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer This Course will provide details about IPM and technology transfer and will help learners to plan their IP activity efficiently.
Financial Modelling How to build a solid and sustainable financial future for your startup.
C-suite 2 Guest speaker: From 0→1

Module 3: Business Development

Accelerate your startup's growth by implementing powerful lead generation tactics.

Map the sales process to acquire customers, adopt best practices in sales management, explore go-to-market strategies and analyze your competitors landscape.

Course Description
Testing your product-market fit How to make sure that you're targeting the right market with a valid product that's also attracting for VCs?
Leads generation tactics Building a sales pipeline require experience and the proper tools. Learn the best tactics to generate valuable prospects.
Corporate stakeholder Engagement Your success is linked to the way you communicate with corporate stakeholder. Improve your prospective and learn hot to engage in a B2B setting.
C-suite 3 Guest speaker: The art of sales

Module 4: Access to Finance

Secure your startup's financial future by mastering how to approach VCs and boost your fundraising efforts: Learn how to create an impressive pitch deck and understand valuation and term sheet criteria.

Course Description
Learn about investors and their quest     Understand what investors are looking for, and how to build a nice case to convince them.
Build a crisp and convincing pitch deck     Step by step approach to build a nice and convincing deck.
The main points of a Term-Sheet Tips to defend your valuation and the main points to expect in a term-sheet.
C-suite 4 Guest speaker: Exit strategies and exit cases
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