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Oriana joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Oriana joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Hungarian digital workflow platform provider, Oriana, joins the EIT Digital Accelerator as they set their sights on international growth opportunities. Oriana provides a low-code solution to help businesses take control of their digital workflows and business application needs reducing the dependency on IT experts.

Founded in 2002, Oriana has been accelerating project timelines and empowering collaboration between businesses and IT teams for almost two decades. Their streamlined approach focuses on reducing IT backlogs that can cause delays and budget issues for many digital initiatives.

Many IT departments struggle to balance a breadth of technical issues, which can delay project timelines and limit how quickly operations teams can embrace digital processes and improve customer journeys. Oriana’s digital workflows support dynamic process capabilities and extend legacy systems to help customers test, develop and implement new business applications in months.

Their low-code, flexible architecture provides a secure and intuitive platform for shaping digital processes and tailoring business applications to suit customers’ specific needs. Oriana chose SQL as the programming language of the platform as data is a key element of client problems, and as a Microsoft- partner, the platform can also integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Product Portfolio.

Crucially, IT teams can also adopt Oriana to retain control of their systems while simultaneously providing direct access and visibility to internal business analysts, consultants and employees to ensure the right governance and support integrated solutions.

Empowering a Hungarian Brand with Global Potential

Oriana’s enrolment onto the EIT Digital Accelerator is a key step to deliver their innovative back-office management products to organisations across the world. Business Developer at EIT Digital, Barnabas Malnay, describes the partnership as “an opportunity for Oriana to take its international market-entry efforts to the next level in a fast growing market.”

Barnabas continued by explaining that after Oriana became “Hungary’s go-to company for business app development”, they’re eager to “rev their engines for a period of robust international growth”. He is “thrilled to have the opportunity to support the company along this exciting journey."

Expanding Oriana’s Customer Base

Oriana tailors its products towards large and medium-sized enterprises that require heavy workflows to negotiate highly-regulated processes and maintain efficiency in service-focused environments.

Not only does Oriana serve end-users directly from their Centre of Excellence in Budapest, but they also licence their platform to larger partners with a network of enterprise customers across the globe. From finance to manufacturing, telecommunications, HR and even public sector work, Oriana partners with a network of digital transformation consultants, custom software developers, system integrators and independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver their innovative take on digital workflow management.

With past projects including a bespoke compliance management system for a large bank and a customised CRM for a global utilities company, Oriana has extensive experience with high-stake clients and the technical capacity to expand its operations.

Oriana’s CEO and Co-Founder, Richárd Basa, explains how “The EIT Digital network offers a unique opportunity to accelerate access to key accounts across the European region. Their reach within corporates and partners fits well with Oriana’s scale-up strategy to establish a solid footprint of partners and clients throughout the EU region as a first step. We look forward to leveraging the networks of EIT Digital professionals as we strive to serve organisations needing to modernise and digitalise their workflow processes to drive operational excellence.”

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