InnoTractor’s supply chain tracking solution to be tested by commercial trucking giant Scania

Identification and tracking of supply chains is a core task many companies struggle with.

EIT Digital-backed startup InnoTractor and leading trucks and commercial vehicles manufacturer Scania have now joined forces to explore a potential solution.

Starting in December, Scania will test InnoTractor's technology to track goods between facilities in Sweden and the Netherlands.

The proposed solution involves specialized hardware and cloud systems to create a semi-realtime picture of where certain goods are located.

The hardware consists of battery-less bluetooth tags attached to the goods, which are powered and scanned contactless for the warehouse localisation and a mobile tracker for the transport between warehouses.

The data is collected, processed and then presented on Gravity, an IoT platform which was developed within the EIT Digital Innovation Factory.

The Gravity dashboard shows which goods are ready for shipment, which are on their way, and which have arrived. In-between these steps, handovers are made that are logged in DiLLaS, a blockchain based ledger service, which was also developed with EIT Digital's support.

What makes this solution unique is that it can track all three units in transport: the truck, trailer, and goods. Moreover, the tracking solution can be tailored to each customer's needs; in the test case, Scania Logistics will receive tracking data directly from their trucks.

"Inbound Logistics is an important part of Scania's Supply Chain. Testing new technology together with InnoTractor and others helps us sustain operational excellence in delivering the value that our customers expect today and in the future" says Patrik Johansson, Supply Chain Developer, Scania Logistics.

"We are proud to work with Scania and see this as an opportunity to showcase a solution to a problem which many companies face: a lack of grip on what is really happening in the logistics chain." says Frank Hermans, Founder of InnoTractor.

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