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Seminar: Business Change (Helsinki)

Digital transformation changes the way business is or should be done. This gives business strategic challenges to cope with. How will your business be impacted by the digital transformation and deep tech innovations? Reflect and craft a digital transformation strategy during the  five-days seminar of the EIT Digital Doctoral School.

NOTE: Due to the Corona virus outbreak, this seminar will be given completely online.
You will receive the link for attending the online seminar after completing the registration.

The aim of the seminar is to give an understanding of some of the strategic challenges companies are facing in the digital transformation era. In the seminar, participants  learn to reflect on a strategic level on:

  1. Assessing the impacts of (a) select technology/ies on its industry, markets and own business,
  2. Crafting a Digital Transformation strategy, taking into account among other the business model, customer experience,  and innovation organisation and management.
  3. Identify first projects towards implementing such strategy and conduct change in the organisation.

Date: 9-13 November
Location: EIT Digital | Helsinki Node

Open Innovation House 2nd floor
Maarintie 6 (called previously Otaniementie 19B)
02150 Espoo, Helsinki

Who can attend?

The Seminar will be of interest for researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs,  PhD students and professionals form R&D and Technology Transfer organisation. The five days training is mandatory for second or third year EIT Digital Doctoral School industrial doctorate students.


The seminar is part of the seminar cyclus of the EIT Digital industrial doctorate programme in where students work on an industry assignment under academic supervision of a university. In total there are five seminars. All seminars of the EIT digital Doctoral school, focus on enhancing innovation and entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills and digital transformation skills. In addition, seminar specific topics will be addressed.

Key learnings Business Change seminar

In the seminar Business Change participants:

  1. Leverage their technological mastery to build a vision of the possible and desirable futures for the industry and own business, helping the company shape its digital future.
  2. Identify potential road blocks and key success factors in the Digital Transformation era to bring an innovation on the market, within the context of their company or research area.


The format of the seminar Business Change leans on a blended format. This means that prior to the five-day seminar on location, each participant is tasked to follow online modules. This is to ensure that all participants are on the same level to interact in class and are equally receptive to the learnings provided.  For the quality reason the amount of participant is also limited to a maximum of twenty learners.


In 2020, EIT Digital is giving away some seats for external participants of the seminars. There are limited seats available. Each participant will receive a EIT Digital Certificate.

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