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Learn the essentials of digital transformation

Learn the essentials of digital transformation

It is time or your business transformation

Your business should either digitally transform else it will not survive. But what does digital transformation actually mean, digital transformation? The blended course Digital Transformation and social challenges gives you an understanding of the meaning and implications of digital transformation and enables you to become an active player. Learn here the essentials and acquire knowledge about digital tools and techniques.

When: 13-14 October; 3-4 December
Where: Milano; Brussels, Paris
Price: 2500 euro
Certificate: EIT Digital Professional School and University of Trento
Contains: Online course and on-site masterclass


In this masterclass

The stand-alone modules are designed so they can be followed independently of one another, although they are connected by certain themes which can also be used to customise the course to a specific person, organisation or focus area.

Key take aways

  • Learn the essentials of digital transformation;
  • Understand digital tools and techniques;
  • Generate digital transformation impact;
  • Acquire relevant information for decision making;
  • Create new professional and business opportunities

Who should attend

  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Decision makers
  • IT specialists and managers
  • IT professionals

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