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DeepHack: Mass Customisation & 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing, the 3D printing of parts using additive technology, has enabled many new industrial applications in recent years, allowing design teams and engineers to drastically reduce the distance between idea and final product. However, the desire of many customers for ever greater uniqueness and customisation poses new challenges for manufacturers. The cost of manually designing these highly personalized parts and prototypes remains prohibitively expensive: up to 50% of the total cost per tool is caused by the manual design.

The solution is using design automation: complex designing processes are encapsulated for automated use and the final customizing process is done with minimal effort regarding time, costs, and expertise. This way, efficient mass production of highly customized products becomes possible.

Your challenge is to come up with an innovative idea for a product using automated design and 3d printing. This could mean exploring applications of design automation for parts or components of industrial processes or creating software applications for the automated design of 3D printed products across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, automotive and consumer applications.


  • Cash prize of 4.000€ in total
  • Commercial license of Trinckle's Paramate software platform for 1 year
  • Trinckle business consulting budget worth 1.250€
  • Trinckle technical consulting budget worth 1.250€

How to join?

Apply for the DeepHack at:



The ‘Mass Customisation & 3D printing’ DeepHack is organised by EIT Digital in collaboration with Trinckle and the Product Development Group Zurich (pd|z) of ETH Zurich. The Berlin-based company Trinckle develops software for the age of additive manufacturing. Trinckle`s core offering, paramate, automates design processes and provides a platform for advanced product configuration. Paramate enables customer-specific adaptations of any product - whether it be prostheses tailored to the patient, mechanically optimized industrial components like end-of-arm grippers, low-volume jigs and fixtures or personalized lifestyle products. Paramate’s powerful algorithms streamline design processes and automate even the most complex design tasks.

The Product Development Group Zurich (pd|z) of ETH Zurich was established in 2012 and is run by Professor Mirko Meboldt. It focuses on human-centered product development and regards the link between research and education as the key to excellence in training. It sees itself as a partner for the industry and promotes the continuous transfer of knowledge through cooperation. One of its research areas concerns the implementation of new technologies such as additive manufacturing. In this regard, it enables engineers to identify value-adding applications for AM and provides them with the necessary design for AM methods, tools, and guidelines.

Application deadline 

30 November 2020

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