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DeepHack: Digital Technology for Charities

Whether it’s the reconciliation of donations, satisfying audit requirements, or reporting their impact, all charities have to cope with a heavy administrative burden which strips them of valuable resources, time and energies which could be better spent helping people in need.

Having access to digital solutions that speed up individual tasks and makes it possible streamline the processes, could reduce their workload; yet, charities are often reluctant to utilize these technologies, as they perceive them as too complicated or too expensive. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Using low-code platforms, which require little to no programming skills, it possible to create tailored solutions that can improve workflow management and streamline operations and are effective and easy to use.

Your challenge is to demo a proof of concept for a solution that provides a validated benefit to one of the charities participating in the event. The challenge will utilise Oriana’s low-code platform for intuitively capturing workflows and screens which can be used to demo a working proof of concept by the end of the hackathon.


The winning teams will:

  • Receive a share of €3000 in prize money.
  • Receive free development licences to the Oriana platform for 1 year.
  • Receive an open invitation to support the roll-out of the solutions.

How to join?

Apply for the DeepHack at:


The ‘Charity Digital Transformation’ DeepHack is organised by EIT Digital in collaboration with Oriana. Oriana is an Independent Software Vendor headquartered in Budapest, Hungary and the creator of Effector, a low-code digital process automation platform to accelerate the development of internal software solutions for back-office and operational processes. With its open standard, SQL based approach, it is easy for developers and business analysts to create proof of concepts in days and final solutions with significant savings of time and cost. Their platform is industry and vendor agnostics and integrates easily into the majority of software solutions and ERP systems.

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