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DeepHack: Data for Urban Logistics

How can cities cope with the increase in traffic and pollution that is forecast in the next decade, as a by-product of the changes in consumer behaviour and of the further in increase in e-commerce and home deliveries? A recent study by the World Economic Forum estimates that, by 2030, the expected 30% growth in last-mile deliveries will contribute to a 30% increase in CO2 emissions, and 21% increase in urban congestion.

These effects can be mitigated by giving logistic companies access to digital, data-driven business solutions that will enable them to make informed decisions and improve their business operations.

EIT Digital invites teams of innovators willing to address these issues, to join its ‘Data for Urban Logistics’ Deephack, which will take place online on 6-8 November, 2020.

Your challenge is to show the feasibility of new digital logistics solutions that could potentially utilize Urban Radar’s data aggregation and analytics platform, and create new conceptual business models for how delivery companies can make more informed decisions, as well as reduce their congestion and emission impact in cities.

Especially appreciated are digital solutions for last-mile delivery.


  • €5000 total cash prizes
  • Extended license with 20 hours-support to use the Urban Radar data platform

How to join?

Application deadline 

29 October 2020

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Co-Funded by the European Union