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Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics

Blockchain is expected to be a key solution in digital manufacturing, with an estimated added value of 170 billion dollar by 2025, estimates Gartner. If you are working in the manufacturing and logistics it certainly is worth to learn how to save costs, explore business opportunities and work together with other companies using blockchain.  That is what you will learn in the online short executive course Blockchain for digital manufacturing and logistics.

  • When: 10 and 11 December
  • Where: Online, Microsoft Teams
  • Price: € 1000 (Excl. Tax)
  • Certificate: EIT Digital and Budapest University of Technology and Economics joint digital certificate of participation.


In manufacturing and logistics there are application opportunities of blockchain-driven solutions. The short executive course presents several  blockchain use cases showcasing how blockchain can  improve traceability, support cross-organisation notification, log critical events, or act as a platform for creating agreements on information sharing. Integration with existing IT systems and services will also be discussed.

The course presents:

  • How blockchain can save cost by enabling faster, trusted and robust collaboration, preventing fraud and tracing information.
  • How the characteristics of blockchain may open new markets and business opportunities.
  • How blockchain can be introduced gradually into complex systems.
  • How blockchain applications can be aligned with business processes and compliance requirements.

Key take aways:

  • Get to grips with the potential of blockchain in the digital transformation of manufacturing and logistics.
  • Recognise the blockchainification opportunities with the largest potential for your organisation.
  • Learn and experience the role of smart contracts in business cooperation.
  • Understand how Digital Twins and Digital Threads can utilise blockchain.
  • Understand how addressing domain-specific requirements changes with blockchain.

Who should attend:

  • CIO/CTO level managers, Digital Transformation Officers.
  • Product owners and managers.
  • System and solution architects.

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Co-Funded by the European Union