Wondering how one can strike a balance between innovation, consumers benefits, inclusiveness, and risk reduction on FinTech? This is the the question behind the latest Makers & Shapers report addressing the specific aspects of digital technologies and developments in finance.

Our report follows a scenario-based approach based on developments and state of the art reflections in FinTech. It analyses the impact of the different scenarios on certain pre-defined indicators. In a tangible format, it provides guidance to business sand decision makers on the likely impact of specific policy and regulatory strategies in digital finance.

The in-person event - open to a limited audience - with esteemed panelists from the academia, the EU Institutions and EU member states aims to bring to life a balanced debate that looks through the lens of conventional and challenger banks, while also helps to understand an investor's perspective.


Join us on October 2, 2023 at EIT House in Brussels for an interactive discussion based on our findings. Register before September 26.

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Co-Funded by the European Union