Executive Course: Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) entails the handling of goods and streamlining all actors and activities through all stages of a product life, from production to marketing. Understanding the product life cycle helps to make informed business decision. A good Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be a cornerstone of your information technology structure and help you to outperform your competitors. Learn to steer successful PLM at the Executive Course Product Lifecycle Management. 

PLM professional imparts practice-oriented knowledge and skills of PLM in this learning programme set up by EIT Digital’s partner Fraunhofer. The participants acquire the methodical basis for the management of complex systems, pass through the value-creation chain of a product over the entire life cycle up to the end of life and acquire basics from the relevant disciplines IT, business studies and soft skills. They learn core applications for PLM processes and train interdisciplinary professional and social skills for working in demanding PLM projects.


  • Learn the technical basics of Product Lifecycle Management
  • Understand methods and tools for virtual product development and digital factory planning
  • Learn proven approaches for Systems Engineering, Variant Management and Engineering Change Management
  • Master steering successful PLM and Engineering IT projects

Key take aways:

  • Two weeks, all methods: become a PLM Professional with the Fraunhofer Academy
  • Acquire the internationally recognised personal certificate "PLM Professional"
  • First-hand expert knowledge from PLM specialists professor Rainer Stark from Fraunhofer IPK and Professor Martin EignerEigner Engineering Consult
  • Learn how to successfully implement PLM solutions and steer PLM projects

For who?

  • Engineering professionals
  • IT professionals
  • PLM and engineering consultants
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders and middle management

*Do not worry if the data in June does not fit your agenda. The course will be rescheduled in the autumn/winter of 2021 again.