Executive Course: Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics

In manufacturing and logistics there are application opportunities of blockchain-driven solutions. The executive course presents several blockchain use cases showcasing how blockchain can improve traceability, support cross-organisation notification, log critical events, or act as a platform for creating agreements on information sharing. Integration with existing IT systems and services will also be discussed.

The executive course Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics is developed by our partner Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The course uses a combination of face-to-face workshops, group activities, and hands-on exercises to cover an array of specific blockchain solutions, processes, and concepts, including: 

  • Key business cooperation patterns
  • How to apply blockchains
  • The role of smart contracts in business cooperation
  • Digital twinning, digital thread, and block-based services in digital manufacturing
  • Process migration
  • Addressing domain-specific requirements with blockchain
  • DAML language and Hyperledger fabric
  • Defining measurable KPIs for blockchain models

To enhance the learning experience, the course includes an opportunity to apply your new skills and knowledge towards solving real-world problems. One of the course’s most popular components is the ‘bring your own problem’ session. This is a unique opportunity to apply blockchain proof-of-concept applications to the types of challenges you face every day.

Who should attend

  • CIO/CTO level managers,
  • Digital Transformation Officers
  • Product owners and managers
  • System and solution architects


After attending the course, participants receive a joint digital certificate of participation from EIT Digital and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

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Co-Funded by the European Union