Bite Session with Astrid Philippron, EVERAI

Start-up EVERAI provides critical time savings in emergency care.

There is still a lot to be gained in healthcare with data & A.I. A good example is EverAI. The EVERAI technology improves the exchange of crucial patient data between ambulance staff and doctors in the hospital. This allows hospital staff and capacity to be prepared even before the patient arrives at the hospital. This saves time, something that can literally be of crucial importance in such situations.

In these powerful Bite Sessions, The Beacon & EIT Digital joined forces to not only talk but show the true change that companies successfully made with EIT Digital partnering. These companies will inspire, share their tips and tricks and give you transparency in their process.

Our third guest in these Bite Sessions is EVERAI, a speech-to-text solution that helps emergency doctors by exchanging life-saving patient data between the ambulance and the hospital doctors. Additionally, it decreases the administrative work for emergency doctors by digitally completing the MUG file. Project coordinator Astrid Philippron (imec) will talk and share the insights.

EVERAI Medical Technologies was born in 2020 as a project supported by European innovation institute EIT Digital and the involvement of various partners: imec renowned Belgian institute focused on nanoelectronics and digital technologies; Pipple, a Dutch company specialised in artificial intelligence; and consultancy firm GENESIS Biomed, responsible for drafting the business plan, generating the IP license agreement and initiating the start-up.

Bite Sessions are a new format brought to you by EIT Digital and The Beacon, host of EIT Digital's new Satellite in Antwerp, Belgium. The partners joined forces to not only talk but show the true change that companies successfully made with the support of EIT Digital and by collaborating with EIT Digital partners. These companies will inspire, share their tips and tricks, and give you transparency in their process.

The @noon Bite Sessions are online and held until further notice every month at 1 pm.

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