Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

Keeping Europeans healthy

Slowing down the healthcare costs is the key driver for innovation in the health domain. The objective is to lower the demand for cure and long-time care and allowing the youth, the working professional and the elderly to maintain a good quality of life. The focus is to leverage sensor data to keep people healthy (through prevention and early detection) or help them cope with existing conditions. Both physical and mental wellbeing are considered. Solutions will need to have an emphasis on usability and user adoption while respecting data privacy.

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Innovations in Digital Wellbeing

Mini-Call for Combating Child Obesity

EIT Health and EIT Digital unite in a Cross-KIC activity “Combating Child Obesity” to help bring innovations to the market addressing one of the primary health challenges of the 21st century.

Partners from EIT Health and EIT Digital are therefore invited to express their interest in participating by submitting proposals for contributions to this activity, whose purpose is to launch a new startup for Combating Child Obesity. Within the context of this call, individual partners or groups of partners may submit contributions in the form of specific assets offered (e.g. technology, prototyping and analysis labs, access to users and cohort of patients, clinical expertise, data architecture platform expertise, product or solution design, etc.). Annex D describes typical roles partners make take in the activity.

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