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No innovation without education! Innovation requires talented people that are able to successfully bring technology to the market. The digital transformation of society and economy poses significant challenges for education, as reiterated in a recent report by the World Economic Forum.

EIT Digital Blended Education model
Blended education

EIT Digital strongly believes in T-shaped talent that is equipped not only with solid technical knowledge to truly develop and access the value of technology, but also with the necessary entrepreneurship and business skills to spot opportunities, understand market needs and capitalise on them. All EIT Digital education programmes have this approach as a core ingredient.

Next to the need to have both technical as well as entrepreneurial skills, innovators have to be able to be effective in today’s open innovation ecosystems which require mobility, both organisational as well as geographic. This is another core ingredient in EIT Digital’s education programmes. Digital technology disrupts many domains, including that of education itself. Online education and especially MOOCs are becoming increasingly popular. Although universities recognize the developments, the key question remains how online education will impact on-campus education. EIT Digital’s vision is that higher education programmes will gradually embed online elements in their on-campus programs and will offer blended education programmes. Therefore, as third core ingredient in EIT Digital’s education programs, together with its partner universities, EIT Digital works on the exploration and development of blended education programmes in order to offer the EIT Digital students the best of both worlds.

Alumni Foundation

EIT Digital Alumni

The Alumni Foundation creates a vibrant, active and successful EIT Digital alumni network. The foundation organises meet-ups, maintains an active community and discussion forum, keeps track of alumni careers and supports students and alumni to get in contact with companies, public institutions and academia. The Alumni Foundation also aims at providing guidance and mentoring for students and alumni.

For more information visit the EIT Digital Alumni website.

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