Academic and Industrial partners

The EIT Digital partner network contains both academic and industrial partners.

Our academic partners, which are mostly the leading universities in their countries, provide face-to-face teaching modules in our Master and Doctoral School programs, and online modules, including MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to our Master, Doctoral and Professional Schools’ students.

Many of our academic partners participate also in our Research Based Innovation Activities together with our industrial partners, which are leading companies in their various fields of operation. Innovation activities are hosted and managed by our Focus Areas, and financed by EIT Digital. Many of our partners participate in innovation activities from several Focus Areas.

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Partnership categories

Our partners can either be Members or so called Third-Party-Linked partners (e.g. local subsidiaries or branches of the Member organization).

Please see Partnership models (PDF) for more information about becoming an EIT Digital partner.

The Member organisations pay an annual partner fee, covering also their possible Third-Party-Linked partner organisations. Both partner categories belong to the partner community of the EIT Digital node in which they are domiciled, and are entitled to have one representative in that node’s Node Strategy Committee. However, each organisation can be represented in a node only by a single member.

Join with the leading Drivers of Europe’s Digital Transformation

The first step to join with the leading organisations driving Europe’s Digital Transformation is to contact your local node. Its Node Strategy Committee will do the first clearance process, and final approval will be granted by the EIT Digital Supervisory Board (equivalent to Board of Directors in limited companies). The Supervisory Board members are selected among Node Strategy Community members (each node has two members). So, why not to join now!

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