Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

Keeping Europeans healthy

Slowing down the healthcare costs is the key driver for innovation in the health domain. The objective is to lower the demand for cure and long-time care and allowing the youth, the working professional andthe elderly to maintain a good quality of life. The focus is to leverage sensor data to keep people healthy (through prevention and early detection) or help them cope with existing conditions. Both physical and mental wellbeing are considered. Solutions will need to have an emphasis on usability and user adoption while respecting data privacy.


Education and skill needs in the area of Digital Wellbeing are covered by several of EIT Digital Master School programmes that provide general education on Data Science and Human Computer Interaction and Design; these topics are required for Digital Wellbeing. Development of Secure Embedded Systems is very important for the development of digital medical devices, and it is one of the examples of one of the online courses included in EIT Digital’s blended education. EIT Digital’s industrial partners on the medical sector have proposed very interesting and actual challenges to be solved through PhD theses in EIT Digital Doctoral School. Different PhD theses on Cognitive computing for cognitive disability and electromagnetic study of human cerebral activity have been developed. The Summer Schools provide the optimum atmosphere for Wellbeing education. Topics as Healthy Lifestyle and Independent Living are included in EIT Digital Summer School programmes.


EIT Digital concentrates its efforts on individuals outside of the hospital: On the one hand elderly people, and on the other hand on the workforce and adolescents.

EIT Digital looks at technologies like predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, accurate sensing, chatbots, gamification to enable digital solutions targeting the young to prevent or detect mental and physical issues in an early phase (e.g. depression, overweight, obesity). Environmental sensing and remote diagnosis are used to develop solutions coping with urban and environmental issues (e.g. air pollution, infectious diseases, stress) affecting the health of the elderly or other vulnerable people (e.g. with chronic diseases).

For health insurers, corporate health programmes, home care- and assisted living providers, nursing homes, and hospitals EIT Digital identifies solutions based on virtual wards, remote unobtrusive monitoring, artificial intelligence (analytics, predictions), robotization (social-mental, help for health professionals), offering on-demand digital solutions offering personalised health & wellbeing services.

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