Digital Industry

Digital Industry

Building dominant European industry players in digital

With the digital transformation, the manufacturing industry is faced with new technological opportunities and business models. Digital has opened new ways to organise production, logistics and delivery, and offers better means to serve and satisfy consumers. Mass production is increasingly flexible, individualised and resourcefriendly to be able to serve the “long tail” of the customer markets. Production is monitored and controlled in real-time to reflect dynamically changing customer demands. At the other end of the chain, real-time consumer trends are collected with increasing levels of granularity. Big data is produced, traded and shared. A major share of the value of the whole business domain is contained in this big data.


Education and skill needs in the area of Digital Industry are covered by several of EIT Digital Master School programmes including topics fully aligned with the challenge of Industry 4.0. As examples, Autonomous Systems, Embedded Systems and Human Computer Interaction and Design are topics that are needed for the digital transformation of the Industry. Students have also access to online courses on the area of Digital Industry. Online courses cover many topics on Digital Industry like the Development of Real-Time Systems, that is a key element to allow the digital transformation of industrial processes.

EIT Digital industrial partners propose very actual challenges for the development of PhD theses in EIT Digital Doctoral School. As an example, the Impact evaluation of additive manufacturing on supply chains was one of the topics developed.

The Summer School is the perfect scenario to provide additional education on skills for the digital transformation of the Industry. Topics like Computer vision for Industry 4.0 or Decentralised Production have been included in EIT Digital Summer School.


In line with the innovation needs, in the Digital Industry area, EIT Digital focuses on the manufacturing full value chain, from production to logistics to retail to consumer engagement. The objective is to manufacture and ship more efficiently, while better addressing customer needs and specificities. Data plays a key role here: throughout the value chain, a massive amount of data is produced, shared. It needs to be analysed to provide insights and drive efficiency.

Operate European Digital Industry with Products and Services - OEDIPUS

OEDIPUS (Operate European Digital Industry with Products and Services) is a High Impact Initiative (HII) belonging to the Digital Industry Focus Area of EIT Digital and aimed at creating innovative solutions and business opportunities for European industrial players, corporations and SMEs. Read more


AWARD - Autonomous Warehouse and Last Mile Delivery

EIT Digital’s AWARD Innovation Activity, led by Dutch company Bright Cape, focuses on improving the current state of operations inside a warehouse. This will be achieved by building a logistics platform leveraging on advanced planning and scheduling techniques to coordinate a fleet of autonomous vehicles for moving goods indoors. More details in this introductory video.

The Augmented Welder

The main outcome of EIT Digital’s supported Innovation Activity “The Augmented Welder” is an industrial training tool dedicated to the welding companies or welding training centres. It combines virtual and augmented reality, advanced digital technologies with welding parameters acquisition and gesture capture. Thanks to this powerful tool it will be possible to speed up training and improve practice.

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