Digital Finance

Digital Finance

Digital trust in the European financial system

Finance is digital. All established players in the Financial Services Industry acknowledge the need of a deep digital transformation for their organisations as the only means to survive and thrive in the future. Technological capabilities are seen as essential for a future in an industry that is digital in its own essence, as the times of managing physical money and bonds are long gone by. Key is to master the development and delivery of innovative financial products and services through digital technology, with the objective of making user interactions frictionless and financial systems more reliable, more transparent, and less dependent on central infrastructures. Cybersecurity, authentication, (mobile) payments and a cashless society, robo-advisors, etc. all require rights-sized integration and packaging to add true value and consumer benefits.


Education and skill needs in the area of Digital Finance are covered by several of EIT Digital Master School programmes including topics as Cybersecurity and Data Science. Some courses are blended, providing online education in topics like Model Checking and System Validation. Different PhD theses on Blockchain, Customer profilingbased personalisation in financial systems and Optimisation of internal processes in financial systems have been developed on Digital Finance. In addition, the Summer School includes programmes on this line, like the ones developed on Blockchains for Economic Security.


EIT Digital’s efforts in driving the digital transformation of the financial industry concentrate on the future of the retail banking, digital wealth management, and modernised corporate banking and insurance. Artificial intelligence and digital trust (e.g. blockchain) technologies are key enablers but require critical assessment to separate hype from productive applications.

In the coming years, EIT Digital will further strengthen its recent “Digital Finance” area which is an area that is still maturing.

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