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ARISE Europe

ARISE Europe

EIT Digital locations in Europe. Co-Location Centre locations are indicated by circles. Additional regions (indicated in lighter colour) are covered through EIT Digital regional innovations programme ARISE.

EIT Digital aims to be the ultimate driver of digital transformation not only in places where it operates brick-and-mortar representations. Under the ARISE Europe programme, EIT Digital teamed up with accelerators and universities in other parts of Europe as well to help local innovation communities grow and benefit from the EIT Digital network. Thanks to these strategic partnerships in Southern and South-Eastern Europe, CEE and the Baltics, the innovation landscape is permanently scanned for young innovative talent, solid scaleups to join EIT Digital Accelerator and students to enrol in the EIT Digital Academy.


ARISE Europe is set to develop strategic partnerships with relevant ecosystem stakeholders (innovation support organizations and universities) in RIS countries via co-branded activities and by providing them access to a pan-European network of EIT Digital.

Innovation arena

  • Providing access to international markets and access to finance for scale up companies in RIS countries via EIT Digital Accelerator;
  • The ARISE Open Hours are a great chance to meet the EIT Digital Team and get to know our 1-year scale-up Accelerator program;
  • Providing access to innovation and new technologies for industry in RIS countries via EIT Digital Accelerator;
  • Supporting establishment of tech-based ventures and helping innovators in RIS countries to develop and finalizing their MVP and start their venture via EIT Digital Venture Program.


Entrepreneurial education

  • developing entrepreneurial skills of tech students from RIS countries by providing access to EIT Digital Academy; and
  • boosting the innovation and entrepreneurship potential of universities in RIS countries by involving them in different activities implemented by the EIT Digital Academy.


ARISE Europe carries out its innovation and education activities to boost national ecosystems together with the following Innovation Centers and universities that are among the key ecosystem stakeholders in RIS countries

ABC Accelerator

ABC Accelerator Ljubljana, Slovenia

ABC Accelerator is an award-winning South East European startup accelerator located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since March 2015, ABC has contributed to the growth of more than 150 startups worldwide and helped South East Europe’s startup ecosystem to flourish.


BGI Lisbon, Portugal

BGI is a deep innovation global accelerator based in Portugal. It provides scaling opportunities for innovators within the fields of Medical Devices & Health IT, Smart Cities, Industrial Technologies, Blockchain & AI and the ocean economy, by connecting them with global investors.

Found.ation Athens, Greece

Found.ation is a leading technology and innovation enabling platform, acting as a startup hub, a digital transformation accelerator for corporations and a tech education hive. It was established in 2011 as one of the first co-working spaces in South East Europe.

Startup Wise Guys Tallinn, Estonia, Riga, Latvia, Vilnius, Lithuania

With more than 100 investments in early stage startups, Startup Wise Guys is a leading European B2B sector accelerator and one of the top investors in Central and Eastern Europe and the Nordics. The overall survival and success rate of its startup portfolio is above 77%.


JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre), Czech Republic

JIC is successfully developing the innovation ecosystem in the South Moravian Region. It brings together emerging companies, investors, science and research centres and public institutions at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Tallinn University

University of Ljubljana

Ischte University


Fabio Pianesi Thomas Kösters
ARISE Europe - Head of External Collaboration International Outreach Lead
Jasmina Popovska Zsuzsa Várhalmi
ARISE Country Lead Education Lead

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