Winners 2020

Winners 2020

Region 1

Anchor Boys

A 360 camera that watches over your anchor 24/7 which you can access any time via a simple app is the most secure solution on the market. It includes a tracker on the anchor and an alarm in case of anchor failure/dragging. But as nothing beats seeing what’s going on you can monitor the state of your anchorage and you can see instantly if the anchor gets stuck and how to go about saving the situation. When anchoring you have full view of the terrain, so you know where the perfect anchoring spot is.


llnesses such as diabetes, heart and mental diseases cause 71% of all deaths globally. The greatest threat to our health is our own behaviour. BEHealthy is a digital health program that combines proven behavioural science and data science to create healthy habits that last.

Crop Shepherd

We are developing a compact autonomous robot to be used in mid-size organic farms for herbicide-free weed control. Its small size allows for deployment within densely planted crops, where no other method except hand weeding is effective. This allows farmers to expand their operations because they will no longer be limited by available manpower. “Crop shepherd” uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to differentiate weeds from the planted crop and uses a powerful laser to destroy them.


At Izzy, we believe that finances and financial decisions should be easy as 1, 2, 3. From opening a bank account to making payments and choosing the right financial and/or insurance product. We are here to be your partner and get the most from your money. By providing solutions and options in a totally transparent way and treating you equally, we believe that we can make finances less complex - all of this from a single app.


We specialize in preventing food waste using our food surplus management system.  Our company enables B2B online trading of surplus food before the expiry date between sellers and buyers. It's a digital market place for the supply and demand of surplus food before the expiry date. We have opened a new trading channel for such companies. At the same time with our solution customers will save food, money, time and the most important, the environment.


Our goal with ShopGuru is to help grocery retailers to better understand and provide a better shopping experience for their customers. We do this by offering a mobile application that has in-store navigation and mobile payments, targeted to fill the needs of a new generation of shoppers.

Region 2

Captain Coach

CAPTAIN COACH is a “transparent” technology designed as a ubiquitous assistant for elderly compensating their physical and memory impairments during their Activities of Daily Living (ADL). CAPTAIN COACH transforms the homes of the old adults into a gentle coach within an empowering space, providing interaction, guidance and assistance for independent life leading to physical, cognitive, mental and social well-being.


Loopcv is the first product in the market that supports end-to-end automation of the job search and the job application procedure. With Loopcv individuals can apply to jobs faster and with less effort.


Oliveex applies IoT solution for fermented foods safety during storage and maturation.Our solution is an IoT-enabled sensing device, fully wireless and plug and play,that is 24/7 attached at storage tanks,collecting product data.Data is pushed to our cloud service,stored and analyzing.Our web App providing the producers with the ability to monitor and control their production in realtime and remotely.We have completed the first round of our pilots and currently organizing the second round.


Omnio is a reg-tech startup focused on automation of financial crime compliance processes, utilizing machine learning technology and compliance knowledge. Our service helps your compliance department to not only identify cases of anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud but also automatically resolves them writing regulatory worthy assessments, and proposing resolutions to stop every concern. The entire manual action from a compliance officer can be to just click one button.


Employees get immediate, convenient, and personalized access to internal knowledge and support from wherever they work, be it chat, email or web.

Internal knowledge sharing is instant with conversational interfaces, machine learning, and integrations.

Unlike traditional systems, Ovemy lets every employee get what they need, when they need it, and gives internal support teams more time for impactful work.


OZZIE will deliver the first commercial assistive robot that will facilitate the everyday life and wellbeing of seniors suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), through assistance provision in the tasks of:

  • (a) medication intake and nutritional activities,
  • (b) monitoring and reporting seniors’ health status and,
  • (c) remote communication of older persons and patients with relatives and friends.

OZZIE will ease the financial burden of social and healthcare systems in our ageing societies.


Our company’s goal is to offer a highly innovative and sophisticated pricing tool to hotel owners, vacation rentals’ operators and channel managers that will allow them to capture any missed profits by maximizing their revenues and reducing their fixed costs. Our model performs dynamic pricing, based on pricing and revenue optimization techniques, allowing the user to automatically come up with a specific renting price that will lead to the increase of his/her revenues.


With RoofRate tenants can trust any apartment they consider to rent without physically seeing it by receiving a comprehensive review and local advice about neighbourhood safety and the city. This will make it easier and more convenient for them to move and save them energy, time and unnecessary short-term accommodation costs.

Region 3


We are providing analytics and AI solution to detect opportunities for efficiency increase and cost reduction of solar power plants based on different available data sources (inverters, meters, sensors, smart grid data). This would enable large renewable energy companies reduce the need for subsidies - therefore increasing opportunities at national renewable energy auctions and reducing costs to end users and European tax payers.

BuildrLink - Bid leveling made SMART

BuildrLink helps general contractors and estimators work more efficiently and improve their procurement processes by digitizing price request, automating bid leveling and centralizing communication channels. We not only provide value for the general contractors, but we connect contractors, suppliers and builders through an easy-to-use platform to streamline and automate the bid and risk management process.


Motion aims to build decentralised and open network that connects digital account receivables to better financing. It will allow users from gig economy platforms to get short-term liquidity and investors to invest into new type of asset via open blockchain network. 


Revolab - mobile app to track your health indicators based on blood test results.


We're building a people analytics platform, to empower team managers with data about their employee's, for higher retention and engagement levels.

Region 4


With Evelon we automate EV Fleet charging management and make it efficient & cost effective by providing companies with the hardware & software necessary for the smooth transition to electric fleets.


An Augmented Reality Second screen app for sports fans that enhance live data.

Full Venue

Full Venue is an AI platform that predicts the exact percentage of a specific fan going to the club's next game enabling person targeted marketing campaigns to influence venue attendance decision.


GetBoarded is an Alt-Careers opportunity platform, focused on alternative career matching for students. By taking in the personality and skill level data from their resume, we can identify competencies and model their career progression. As we provide a plug-n-play career lab that students can use to build their knowledge portfolios and also generate career guides. It helps organizations; Academic or Business, to manage the career progressions of their talent.


LogiAM is an analytics based solution for logistics optimization. Through the applied analytics and mathematical modeling, LogiAM analyze the historical logistics transactions to find the most optimum location of warehouses, and suggest the best configuration of distribution network, leading to 22% improvement in logistics cost according to our clients´ testimonials.

Prime Care

Our business aims to present tools to decrease the distance between the needs of modern society and current state-of-the-technology in the field of breast cancer. We have already developed a novel hybrid method to train a highly accurate artificial neural network using a lot fewer data. The output of our system for customers would be the risk associated with getting breast cancer. Also, the doctors of patients would be granted to consult with our AI core.


Our project comprises an application and a device for daily monitoring of certain essential biomarkers for the management of kidney disease. The device will allow hemodialysis patients the daily monitoring of such biomarkers enabling a better management of this disease, in comparison with the monthly management that they currently have at their disposal. In the coming months our group will be focused on building the monitoring device prototype.


Volvero is an app for owners who want to earn money over their vehicles by renting them to a community of drivers. Unlike our competitors, with Volvero owners can check how their vehicles have been used and our AI improves drivers behaviours.

Region 5


BeWork is a mobile solution that drives factory performance through better problem solving, efficient communication and data sharing in real-time. Bework offers a step into the future of industry 4.0 at low costs of ownership and maximum mobility. Our platform not only automates and simplifies daily management processes but improves manufacturing efficiency through standardized problem solving breakdown prevention (AI) and instant communication at the plant floor.


By providing users with aggregation of grocery shopping data we empower them to make sustainable consumption choices. Our solution is a smart food inventory application, which tracks expiry dates of products purchased, notifies users when items are approaching expiry and suggests recipes based on items of inventory already in our users' kitchens. We estimate that our solution will be able to help reduce annual food waste per user by 50%, which will result in 36% annual food waste cost savings.


Medical Image Dataset Annotation Service (MIDAS) is a custom-tailored tool for creating and managing datasets either for deep learning, as well as machine learning or any form of statistical research, enabling focus on features not people.


MLToolkit is an Artificial Intelligence platform divided into configured and ready to work intelligent modules. The main asset of it is that there is no configuration needed from the client (all the parameters are preset). The platform provides the implementation of the modules which solve a specific problem e.g. face detection module provides ready-to-use Neural Network, which will analyze a photo and give back bounding boxes with faces.


RestPay is an application that allows fast and simple payments in restaurants. Thanks to RestPay you will be able to pay the bill directly from your phone without waiting. Because life is too short to wait for a waiter.


Signic is a contactless vital sensor being a single node of the global IoMT network supported by a digital platform for individual profiling of the daily needs of users in the context of wellbeing.

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