The 12 Startups

The 12 Startups

CoRehab - Italy (

David Tacconi, CEO

Pitch: Riablo, orthopedic rehabilitation solution

Sports Tracker - Finland (

Jussi Kaasinen, CEO & Co-Founder

Pitch: Sports Tracker solution - "Sports Tracker turns your smart phone into a social sports computer”

HeiaHeia - Finland (

Jussi Räisänen, CEO &Co-Founder

Pitch: HeiaHeia: casual, gamified, social employee wellness

SOMA-Analytics - UK (

Johann Huber, CEO & Co-Founder

Pitch: Evidence based employee stress management

Quick Posture - Sweden (

Glenn Bilby, Chairman and co-founder

Pitch: Your window to wellness

Tinnitracks - Germany (Sonormed GmbH) (

Jörg Land, Managing Director

Pitch: Tinnitracks Tinnitus Treatment

Firstbeat Technologies - Finland (

Benjamin Jensen, Key Account Manager, Professional Sports & Research

Pitch: Lifestyle Assessment

ART - Netherlands (

Anupam Nayak, CEO

Pitch: Applied Radar Technology

SkinVision - Netherlands (

Dick Uyttewaal, CEO

Pitch: SkinVision

PxHealthcare - Netherlands (

Anne Bruinvels, CEO

Pitch: Personalizing cancer treatment through real-time patient data

IQ Messenger - Netherlands (

Paul Vos, CEO

Pitch: IQ Messenger

Sense Health - Netherlands (

Jan Peter Larsen, CEO

Pitch: Intelligence with empathy, Goalie solution

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