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October kick-off for EIT Digital European Master School

... countries will gather in Rennes, France from 27-29 October for the start of the 2016 EIT Digital Master School programme. The event, dubbed the "kick-off", marks the get-go of Europe's premiere...

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The EIT Digital Master School on tour near you

... Are you looking for a Masters education in computer science or information technology? The EIT Digital Master School trains students in key digital technology areas combined with strong expertise in innovation and...

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Al via ad Helsinki la Master School di EIT Digital

... usciranno gli innovatori e impreditori di domani Dal 19 al 21 ottobre più di 300 studenti dellla Master School di EIT Digital provenienti da tutto il mondo e iscritti ad una delle università partner in...

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Application portal for the EIT Digital Master School now open!

... Get selected for Europe’s premier master school programmes for entrepreneurial technologists The admissions portal for the EIT Digital Master School is now open. Students can apply for a two-year programme and be...

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Call for European students - Master School Application portal will re-open on April 1 for EU/EEA country applicants

... EIT Digital admits students to its Masters programmes in two waves. Applicants from EU/EEA countries may submit their application between April 1 and May 1, 2016 when Admissions Period 2 is open. Please note that all...

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How to build successful teams - Meetup event with EIT Digital Master School Alumni in Berlin

... Leading a startup to success requires building and managing a team that is able to successfully master ups and downs of such an exciting journey. Providing the right framework that will make a team strong...

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Telefonica and Indra welcome new graduates of the EIT Digital Master School to the real world of digital transformation

... Andreu, Head of Minsait of Indra are keynote speakers at the Graduation Day of the EIT Digital Master School. From this day, more than 200 graduating students can enter the market as new entrepreneurial...

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EIT Digital Academy sonne la rentrée de sa Master School à Helsinki

... de futurs talents du numérique Du 19 au 21 octobre, près de 300 étudiants étrangers de l'EIT Digital Master School qui étudient dans une de nos universités partenaires européennes se réuniront à Helsinki pour le...

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Graduate of EIT Digital Master School raises €750,000 in crowdfunding campaign

... funding goal. Karens Grigorjancs, one of the co-founders of Plugify and graduate of EIT Digital Master School, said of the crowdfunding campaign. "We are extremely happy with raising this high amount...

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EIT Digital Master School kick-off i Helsingfors

... i Europa Den 19-21 Oktober kommer närmare 300 internationella studenter som studerar på EIT Digital Master School vid ett av de europeiska partneruniversiteten att samlas i Helsingfors för den årliga kickoffen...

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