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1. Innovation Days 2019: Helsinki  
Trust and Security for a Stronger Digital Europe  
2. Innovation Days 2019: Madrid  
Artificial Intelligence applied to Business  
4. Innovation Days 2019: Eindhoven  
Tech to the Future  
5. Innovation Days 2019: Paris  
Will Tech eat traditional Finance?  
6. Industrial Doctorate meetup: Include and succeed  
The world is going digital. How to succeed your business in this fast changing digital world? In this meetup we include industry and academic perspectives to bring solutions the industry needs to…  
7. Innovation Days 2019: London  
Deep Tech - Future, Fad or Fiction  
8. Innovation Days 2019: Budapest  
Transactions in the Digital Future - Real time, AI driven and Digital first  
10. Innovation Days 2019: Trento  
The AI revolution: Hype or Reality?  
11. Masterclass “Data Science for Business Innovation”  
A 2-DAY MASTERCLASS PROVIDING EXPERTISE IN DATA SCIENCE TO FOSTER DATA-DRIVEN INNOVATION! AMSTERDAM NOV 26-27, 2019 This course is specially developed for managers and decisionmakers that need to…  
12. Industrial Doctorate meetup: Boosting business with data science  
Data is everywhere. But how should  and could companies use data science to boost their business? In this meetup in Rennes we deep dive with you into these questions. Date: 25 November Location:…  
13. Hacking Hamburg Traffic Congestion - EIT Digital DeepHack in Hamburg  
22. - 24. November, 2019 Digital Hub Logistics GmbH St. Annenufer 2, 20457 Hamburg Germany Join us in Hamburg for another interesting hack. Challenge As soon as infrastructural projects are…  
14. Industrial Doctorate meetup: Don’t adapt, disrupt!  
Successful businesses are not those who adapt, but those who create change. Disruptors have something in common: innovation is at the heart of their business. But how to get innovation in your…  
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