Get Ready for the EIT Digital Conference 2019

July 18, 2019

Eager to Expand Your Business? Get Ready for the EIT Digital Conference 2019

This year we want to welcome you to the EIT Digital Conference 2019: We aim to strengthen Europe’s place in the digital industry, and to do so we believe in breeding talent to foster economic growth. Bringing our digital businesses to the forefront of the sector will take teamwork and support, which is why at EIT Digital we want to help entrepreneurs develop their companies through our annual conferences. Read this text carefully to prepare for the conference and follow the steps to make the most of your time during the event.

1. Stay Informed on Relevant Topics for the EIT Digital Conference

We are a leading organisation seeking to drive European technology innovations to transform our digital businesses. Each year we host this conference with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs develop their projects and network to meet other people with the same vision. Together we can make Europe’s digital market stronger; and Brussels is the place to be for any entrepreneur who is interested in adding new technologies to their company. If you have already decided to attend, here are some topics you should look into to prepare for the event:

These are only a few examples of topics that will be covered during this free, one-day conference, so if you’d like to find out more about the latest trends for your business, feel free to browse our website for more content on the topics of this year’s conference.

2. Check the Agenda for the EIT Digital Conference 2019

Once you’ve enjoyed a welcome coffee and registered, you’ll be ready to explore the facility and enjoy all the activities and talks we have prepared. After a press conference, you’ll be able to listen to four individual talks:

  • For a Strong Digital Europe, let’s shape a new model.
  • How to set the frame for a strong digital Europe?
  • We, the makers, the power of ecosystems.
  • The Future of Education.

Following a coffee break to recharge a little, you’ll be able to attend a fascinating panel discussion titled “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Education: The Winning Model.”

Now It’s Your Turn

Don’t be alarmed, lunch is the next item on our list; during your meal you’ll have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and do some serious conference networking to help your business grow. Afterwards, you can choose between several Digital Talks featuring high-profile CEOs, political leaders and prominent figures from European organisations. These discussions will be interactive, engaging and possibly controversial, moreover, they will cover topics such as values, safeguarding innovation or adapting educational systems.

After another break for refreshments, there will be a questions round before wrapping up and letting you do some more leadership sessions and networking. However, that is not everything; during the whole morning and until half past four, you’ll be able to look around our Innovator’s Village, where you’ll be able to see and experience hands-on demos of the latest technologies. Make sure you visit it before leaving!

3. Ready to Meet the Conference Speakers?

This year, as in the previous editions, EIT Digital has invited high-profile speakers at the top of their fields to talk about the most relevant topics in digital innovation. We want you to learn practical and up-to-date information that will help you develop your business, and we believe the best way to achieve that is by listening to the most qualified and experienced people. Some of the speakers taking part this September will be:

Willem Jonker

He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Groningen University with a PhD from the University of Utrecht and he is now a part-time Professor in Computer Science at Twente Universtity. He has experience in the telecommunications sector, in IT and in consumer electronics. Prof. Dr. Jonker was appointed Vice President of Phillips Research in 2006 as well as being a part of European ICT research. His extensive experience and knowledge make him the perfect choice to open our conference.

Nuria Oliver

After studying Telecommunications Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid she got a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from MIT. She is now the Chief Data Scientist at Data-Pop Alliance and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Vodafone Institute. As well as being the first female Scientific Director of Telefónica R&D and the only female scientist in Spain to have been named an ACM Distinguished Scientist, she is a world authority in Artificial Intelligence, having written over 180 scientific publications and is a regular speaker at conferences.
In this edition of the EIT Digital Conference 2019, she will talk about the future of education, an incredibly relevant topic if we want to build a stronger Europe from the ground up.

Verena Kretschmann

She has a Diploma in International Business Management the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and is now the Head of European Operations at Medicus AI. In 2005 she co-founded a health tech startup called Anvajo in Germany. She joined Medicus in 2017 after gaining experience through her previous role as Head of Organizational Development at Stylight.
She will be a part of the panel discussion, where she will tackle topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship and education.

Despina Spanou

With a PhD in European Law from the University of Cambridge, Despina Spanou is now the Director for Digital Society, Trust and Cybersecurity at the Directorate-General Communications Network, Content and Technology. She has experience with consumer policies, consumer and marketing law, redress and enforcement as well as product safety.
She will participate in one of the Digital Talks, specifically in the panel addressing how the EU can turn tech challenges into a resource that will create added value for European products in the global market.

Will you strengthen Europe’s digital future? Register to the EIT Digital Conference if you want to be a part of this event and join us this September! We need entrepreneurs to participate, learn and connect with other business owners to expand their companies and create a digital network. By doing so, Europe will grow stronger and become more competitive through innovations in technology.

At the EIT Digital Conference 2019 you will be able to listen to individuals at the top of their industry; discover new innovations and tools for your business; and meet others who are as interested in finding partners as you are. What are you waiting for?

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