"For a strong digital Europe"

EIT Digital aims at global impact through European innovation fuelled by entrepreneurial talent and digital technology. EIT Digital firmly believes that the future of innovation is ecosystems. EIT Digital supports the members of its pan-European ecosystem to be effective in today’s complex open innovation ecosystems in order to address some of their specific innovation needs related to digital innovation and education. Examples include finding the right partners to bring technology to the market, supporting the scale-up of digital technology ventures, attracting talent and developing their digital knowledge and skills. In order to do so, EIT Digital operates a panEuropean network of 16 innovation centres where students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs physically come together to cocreate the digital future.

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Annual Report 2019

"Deepen and Scale"

Our motto for 2019 was Deepen and Scale - a motto relevant for all aspects of our work. In 2019, our ecosystem grew significantly, not only in numbers but also in locations which increased the scale of our activities and at the same time deepened the connection to our ecosystem.

The EIT Digital 2019 Annual Report, titled "Deepen and Scale", sets out EIT Digital's achievements across our pan-European ecosystem in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurial education in 2019.

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