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1. EIT Digital London hosts annual event on Intelligent Mobility: The Future of Transport  
… from 14:15 to 19:45 (registration opens from 13:30). This year's event will explore how Intelligent Mobility (IM) will affect the transport industry and will address wider societal trends - including a growing…  
2. On the 5G road to Smart Mobility  
… linked to the expectation that 5G connectivity will be a major enabler for connected and automated mobility, a key opportunity for Europe to lead in digital innovation.  
3. Willem Jonker: "We are now in the age of a new mobility, centred on the user's needs rather than the vehicle's limits"  
…We met with EIT Digital CEO, Willem Jonker, and discussed the impact of digital innovation on urban mobility.  
4. EIT Digital to deliver seamless multimodal pay-as-you-go mobility with Boogi  
…oogi is a Digital Cities innovation project that facilitates public transport use with a seamless, multimodal mobility service through a pay-as-you-go solution. By only pressing a check-in button, the journey begins,…  
5. Call: Mobility and Networking within EIT ICT Labs, Trento RISE initiative  
…Call for applications 2013 Goal of the Trento RISE “Mobility and Networking within EIT ICT Labs” initiative is to promote the exchange of researchers between Trento and partners of the EIT ICT Labs, so as to…  
6. Driving tomorrow’s mobility: EIT Digital reveals its solutions for the European market on March 14 and 15 at inOut Rennes 2018  
…As part of the Rennes 2018 In-Out, EIT Digital will unveil its innovation and education mobility projects.  
7. International teams work on business ideas at the Urban Life and Mobility Summer School  
…om Smart Cities to Smart Citizens” was the theme of the recent Digital Cities Summer School on Urban Life and Mobility held in Paris. It was organised by EIT Digital and was attended by 43 students from 27 different…  
8. EIT Digital to boost sustainable mobility and reduce traffic jams with BeCamGreen  
… automatic and precise way. This solution will redefine the way traffic controllers understand mobility patterns, and help establish new policies that promote public transportation, car sharing, and high…  
9. Vital@Home solution for Parkinson patients and caregivers optimises mobility monitoring and medication feedback  
… of wearable sensors integrated with cloud-based applications to provide unobtrusive, continuous mobility monitoring, enabling individualised disease management. The Vital@Home system further includes an…  
10. EIT Digital alumnus Vulog raises $20 Million  
… to launch large-scale carsharing services with fleets of over 250 vehicles. As a shared mobility technology provider Vulog powers some of the most successful services across four continents. It…  
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