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Innovation Day - EIT Digital The Netherlands

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Stand-Alone Internships

These internships are not affiliated with a study abroad program. They are paid positions - compensation amount is listed on the individual internship posting. You will be responsible for arranging...

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EIT Digital Accelerator to organise Pan-European cybersecurity matchmaking event in Spain

November 8, 2017 in Spain (Madrid) EIT Digital is proud to organise a B2B meeting on cybersecurity on November 8 in Madrid. This event will give an excellent opportunity to meet Europe’s forerunner...

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EIT Digital Professional School lance un cours lié aux Smart Cities pour les entreprises et les villes

Le 13 novembre, l'EIT Digital Professional School lance un cours sur l'infrastructure technologique nécessaire à une ville intelligente dont l’ambition est d’être inclusive. Les chefs de projet et...

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Las innovaciones más recientes en el ámbito de las ciudades de EIT Digital serán presentadas en Smart City Expo World Congress

Por segundo año consecutivo, EIT Digital estará presente en SCEWC17, los próximos 14, 15 y 16 de noviembre. Durante este Congreso, líder mundial en Smart Cities, tendrá el orgullo de presentar a los...

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Roundtable: 'Why bet on public research?' - Willem Jonker and French Tech actors

November 8, 2017 - The European organisation EIT Digital whose mission is to raise the digital European champions is celebrating its French partner INRIA's 50th Anniversary. For the occasion, CEO...

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Study Abroad Internships

These internships are done as a part of your study abroad curriculum. They are part-time and unpaid. You will need to register with your university for the study abroad programme in the city (or...

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Thank you

You have successfully completed the application form, we will contact you shortly. Backbutton back to Overview

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Application form

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EU-US Internship Exchange Programme

EIT Digital prepares undergraduate, Master and Doctoral students for innovative careers in the digital economy. Having working experience abroad broadens horizons and spirits the innovative minds....

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