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About us

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation. EIT Digital delivers breakthrough digital innovations to the...

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

EIT Digital seeks to generate significant innovations from top European research results. Our objective is incubation, market uptake and rapid growth of these innovations. As such, we focus our...

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EIT Digital Academy

The EIT Digital Academy is the European education leader in providing online "blended" Innovation and Entrepreneurship education to raise quality, increase diversity and availability of the...

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Master School

The Master School is a two-year masters programme with eight technical Majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 20 European top universities, renowned researchers and leading...

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Street Smart Retail’s impact: disrupting the retail landscape with 50 innovative solutions

Street Smart Retail, an EIT Digital supported High Impact Initiative (HII) is coming to an end after three years of intense work, and it's time to take stock of the what has been achieved. More than...

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Capiche, l’innovation Européenne d’EIT Digital qui aide les réfugiés

Les assistants de langues modernes et les chatbots sont aussi intelligents que leur base de données fonctionnant en backstage. Ils comprennent les langues communes d'Europe occidentale et répondent...

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Communications Team

Michael Mast Communications Germany Email | LinkedIn | Twitter Álvaro de la Cruz Communications Spain Email | LinkedIn | Twitter Olivia...

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EIT Digital Finland Innovation Day 2017

Welcome to EIT Digital Innovation Day 2017 where you can connect to the leading actors in digitalisation in Finland and abroad. As an insider of EIT Digital’s pan-European Ecosystem, you will learn...

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Past Events Visit our Past Events webpage for an overview of our past events.

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New: Capiche, the smart language assistant for refugees

Modern language assistants and chatbots are as smart as their data base running in the background. They understand the common Western European languages and respond to things they have already...

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