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Roberto Saracco, Trento Node Director

I have been working in ICT research for over 40 years, most of them in Telecom Italia. I had the opportunity of working for 2 years on a World Bank project in Latin America, with the goal of leveraging on technology evolution to create economic and social wealth. That gave me a hand on experience of how technology, economics and society are intertwined. Although pretty old now, I am still fascinated by the ingenuity of researchers and by the upsides, and downsides, of their ingenuity.

Alain le Loux MSc. MBA, Business Accelerator

Alain le Loux

Alain le Loux MSc. MBA (44) has coached the last years more than 100 high-tech startups in Europe. Alain has 20+ years’ experience in ICT on board level positions and as CEO of startups. He studied Computer Science, Technology Management & Communications Management (1989-1994) at Twente University. Alain graduated in 2001 cum laude for an Executive MBA and is an expert in strategy, marketing, product launching, pricing and business acceleration.


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