Innovation Radar

Innovation Radar

Innovation Radar is a strategic information hub of the EIT Digital, with an expert network spread over all seven nodes: Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm and Trento.

The aim of the Innovation Radar is to establish a common outlook on the future of ICT. It helps to develop tools and capabilities to turn ideas into ICT-based products and services that reach the market faster and with a larger impact than today.

The Innovation Radar:

  • Identifies developments and trends in ICT, focusing on the innovation areas of the EIT Digital
  • Provides images of the future of ICT
  • Identifies innovation opportunities and potential for commercialisation
  • Facilitates follow-ups on identified developments and trends
  • Creates business intelligence and strategic foresight
  • Creates cohesion within ICT Labs on the ICT developments and trends

These activities are supported by an IT platform for sharing and dynamically refining trends and innovation opportunities, and for presenting completed studies. Partners can join this platform after contacting Magnus Boman.

Stakeholders include the strategic function of the EIT Digital led by the CEO, innovation managers and strategic staff at the large partner companies, product managers at the small and medium-sized partner companies, and business and management researchers in research institutes and academia.

Contact: Magnus Boman

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