Wulka Drones has qualified to the finals of The Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge!

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The Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge will award the most innovative software applications that are making use of FIWARE and have a clear business impact. This challenge addresses SMEs, web-entrepreneurs and startups to develop proposals for food related applications in a wider context and is open to the development of applications of any kind as long as their implementation is based on the FIWARE technology.

Wulka Drones is a startup based in St Quentin, France, supported and coached by EIT ICT Labs iHub in Faubourg Numérique, St Quentin, France. Wulka Drones proposes a system for high precision crops services facilitated by drones and cloud technologies. The goal is to provide 1) crop monitoring and scoring, 2) diseases and weeds detection, 3) fertilization recommendation, as well as 4) customised experimentations, based on precision imagery by drone and analyzed, processed by FIWARE Cloud technologies. Bonne chance Wulka!

Author - Vincent Demortier

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