Winter school “Cyber Security and Privacy” - challenges and solutions in the Information Age

The winter school "Cyber Security and Privacy", held at the EIT Digital Stockholm Node on October 20-23, brought together about one hundred registered participants from academic world, industry, government, and students from the EIT Digital Master and Doctoral school programmes. It was co-organized by KTH, EIT Digital Action Line for Privacy, Security & Trust and the EIT Digital Stockholm Node. 

In the Information Age, large scale adoption of digital devices and services, e.g., in e-health and smart cities, requires users’ trust both in the technology and the entities involved in the process that the data are treated securely and in a privacy-aware manner. This trust is seriously threatened by growing cyber attacks as well as uncontrolled and massive user/citizen profiling by online service providers and abuses of surveillance practices by government agencies. The awareness about the threats and available solutions as well as the efforts to roll out and deploy such solutions need to be increased considerably.

Prominent experts from academia and industry addressed a set of diverse topics in the area of cyber security and cyber privacy, presented their own rich experiences and offered their wisdom in order to find best ways how to go from research and teaching to solving real-world problems. 

This was combined with demo sessions and interesting and lively discussions. Importantly, the endeavors and business undertakings of the Privacy, Security & Trust action line in this direction were showcased by presenting the selected innovation activities. The presentations included an overview of challenges and solutions for privacy, security & trust in cyberspace, practical privacy solutions enabled by fully homomorphic encryption of CEA-LIST, behavioral biometrics for smartphone user authentication by University of Trento, mobile anti-malware protection by Communication Valley Reply and privacy & security solutions offered by the Freedome mobile platform of F-Secure.

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Author - Jovan Golic, Laura Meijere Cristanelli

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