Winner EIT Digital Challenge 2015 launches safe alternative for Dropbox

Daniel Weststeijn (left) and Friso Stoffer (right)

Daniel Weststeijn (left) and Friso Stoffer (right)


  • One of EIT Digital's supported startups, Storro, brings a safe alternative for cloud services to the market for saving and sharing files
  • Storro won the 2015 EIT Digital Challenge
  • Storro secures the safety risks of cloud services without sacrificing convenience

The Dutch startup Storro BV, winner of the EIT Digital Challenge in 2015 - launches a secure alternative for cloud services where sensitive files can be saved and shared. Instead of storaging files on external (cloud) services, organisations can create a network of locations for storing and sharing files themselves with Storro. Storro encrypts files automatically and cuts them in small partitions and stores them spreadout over a personal netwerwork in order to secure the data.

Storing company information in the cloud is the latest trend. Cloud services as Dropbox, Box or OneDrive have made the storage and the sending of big files very easy. But there are safety risks for this kind of centralised architecture, like data leakages, corporate espionages or even unlawful government surveillance for example. Basically, for many reasons, companies need to know where their data is stored.

Storro secures the safety risks of the saving files in the cloud without sacrificing the ease.

According to marketing-manager Daniël Weststeijn is this possible thanks to a whole new architecture. "The data are not stored on one central place like cloud services, but are spread throughout the devices people use." It is possible to install Storro in a central place in the company’s network. The safety of Storro is independent of the safety of the company’s network. Storro encrypts and parts the files. Contrary to cloud services, sensitive files stay always in their own management, so unwanted parties won’t have access to the files. Also the application is easy to use, it facilitates sending of large files and revision management is included.

"A number of years ago we foresaw the exponential growth of data leakages at centralised information systems, because these infrastructures are not designed for safety and privacy. A condition for working more safely together on the same files is decentrality. But that is contrary to the current trend of putting data in the cloud", says co-founder Yori Kamphuis. The solution and technology behind Storro have received awards from Shell LiveWire, Young Technology Awarded and the EIT Digital Challenge.

"Winning the prestigious EIT Digital Challenge confirmed to us that Storro had value", says Weststeijn. After this he started a coaching and Access to Finance programme with the business developers of EIT Digital, even though the founders themselves have lots of international experience. "Doing it yourself is a different kettle of fish altogether. EIT Digital has just so much expertise and our business developer was outstanding." Storro is currently sold on the Dutch market for now, but is already busy with preparing an international expansion, with the help of EIT Digital business developers. EIT Digital Accelerator is opening doors to markets and funding and is supporting strategies in recruitment, finance and business development.

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